[article] Rain and Clouds donate 6.44 tons of rice to unfortunate children.

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The first donation drive for rice garlands in connection with Rain’s October 12 fan meeting in Seoul, and the second drive that came immediately after for those who had been unable to donate the first time and anyone who wanted to give more, yielded a total contribution of 6.44 tons of food for charity in Rain’s name, triple the original donation. Way to go!



Star News 11/15/2013 — [English translation by 화니]

Rain donates 6.44 tons of rice to unfortunate children, his act of kindness warms the hearts of people

Singer and actor Rain donated 6.44 tons of rice to unfortunate children.

According to Dreamy Inc. on the 15th, they sent 6.44 tons of rice [644 bags of 10-kg rice] to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation at the request of Rain and his fans.

The 6.44 tons of rice donated by Rain’s multinational fans in his name at his fan meeting last 12th, is a meal for no less than 53,000 children.

The rice from Rain will be used to help a lot of the poor children. The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation officials said, “We thank Rain for his donation for unfortunate children.”

Rain’s fans from 18 countries including Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc. were part of the rice garland donation.

Meanwhile, Rain’s fans have annually made a rice garland donation to charities to help the poor since they donated 380-kg rice garlands in 2010.

Source: Star News http://star.fnnews.com/news/index.html?no=251227

Image courtesy of Nate News.

Image courtesy of Nate News (news.nate.com/view/20131115n27207).

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One Response to “[article] Rain and Clouds donate 6.44 tons of rice to unfortunate children.”

  1. That is awesome! Clouds world wide did a great job supporting Rain and helping children in need. So very proud of them all and to all those who worked so hard organizing and getting the rice distributed to the children.


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