Tweets abound: The Fabulous Seven say “Hi!” from Nagoya, where they are ZEPPing with Rain.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Themenbehindtheman_CUSALet’s deconstruct this wonderful image from Rain’s Crew, shall we?

Starting in the lower left corner facing us, we have JinSu’s signature. In the very middle, we have Yongdeok, and right underneath him, Hongshi. (You couldn’t miss that if you tried. Nice handwriting, Hong buddy!) On our right hand side, from the top and moving straight down, we have KyuSang, and SooBong (is somebody craving ramen?), and “3rd Rainmaker” SungTak.

Of course, that left me scratching my head over who the heck was “Big K”, but not for long. Good grief, Gori. Really? LOL! (His real name is KyeongYeol, remember? *SMH* hahaha :P)

If those aren’t the cutest freehand caricatures that you ever did see! That is some nice drawing, and so doggone true to life, haha. There were a couple of words in their message that I couldn’t read properly, but suffice it to say that they were stoked about being all together for the show in Nagoya. Something was definitely “awesome.”

Behold, our Men behind the Man. And we adore them. Have a great time in Japan, guys! ♥

Stephe /

(Image credit: DDUKS @Twitter, 11/15/2013)


~ by Cloud USA on November 15, 2013.

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