[info] Story of Rain: 2013 Rain ZEPP Tour goods for overseas fans.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Well. Bingo, as P.I. JiWoo would say. Just as the words came out of my mouth. Thumbs up, RAINY. 🙂

Please see information on how you can order Story of Rain: 2013 Rain ZEPP Tour merchandise that is now on Internet shopping site CookiMusic.com, as announced on Rain’s official website yesterday. Read RAINY’s directions very carefully before you act.

» You can go to the Rain ZEPP goods page on Cooki Music HERE. (If you live outside of Korea, go to Cooki Music only to see the goods and decide what you want. Don’t try to order directly from Cooki Music; rather, you will be contacting overseas Cloudmaster huhuhuhu with your order, per the notices below. Only if you have a Korean residential address should you order from Cooki Music, beginning today, November 13.) ^@@^

(Image credit: RAINY Entertainment / Rain Japan / courtesy of Rain 비-Arab Fans at Facebook)


(Cap by Cloud USA. CLICK image for larger view.)

Story of Rain 2013 Rain ZEPP Tour Goods_CUSA


Further information from Overseas Cloudmaster huhuhuhu, posted today @The Cloud. Please read it very carefully before you act.

To overseas fans who want to purchase 2013 Zepp tour official goods

Rainy is trying to help overseas fans who wish to buy the 2013 RAIN ZEPP Tour official goods.  Please refer to the following English notice for detailed information:


For shipment to addresses within Korea, overseas fans can order online directly from cookimusic. Goods which will be open for sale on 13 Nov.


For shipment outside Korea, overseas fans will have to bear the delivery charge themselves.  As shipping cost varies by weight and destination, we need to collect email orders from overseas fans first.  We will then compile a list and pass this to the sellers so that they could calculate the exact shipping charge for each order.  The DEADLINE to collect email order from overseas fans will be November 23, 2013.

After the sellers have calculated the shipping cost,  we will inform each individual overseas buyer the total amount they need to pay, i.e. cost of goods plus shipping charges.  Delivery can only be made after payment has been received by the seller.

At the moment I am not sure about the method of payment.  I think it is unlikely that the seller will accept PayPal, and they will most likely only accept Korean won payment via bank remittance.  I will check and confirm on this point.

In case the seller will not accept PayPal, I could help overseas fans with PayPal but please note that there will be exchange rate loss incurred as well as bank remittance charges.   I will communicate separately about this if it proves to be necessary.

Hope this is clear.


~ by Cloud USA on November 13, 2013.

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  1. Well, as Tyler Perry’s “Madea” would say…….HELLUR!! Making decisions right now. *SMILES*……………………………


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