[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Ji Hoon’s Too Sexy For His Phone – SK Telesys W Phone

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

SK Telesys 5

By the end of this series of posts someone is either going to have to lock me up or lock him up!

When I began this Rain CF revival, I did so with no real plan or method to my madness.  Meaning, I did not start with the first and chronologically deliver them in the order in which they were made, presented and/or aired.  In reviewing what I have posted so far, I can say that the latter offerings are proving to be far more provocative.  These two commercial films for SK Telesys W Phone back me up completely and also back me into a corner of incoherent thought function. In fact, I am surprised I am able to write anything at all after viewing them.

Sk Telesys W Phone Khaki

SK Telesys W 7

In the first of the two, I was trying to decipher the concept.  Everyone is dressed in muted khaki tones.  The men are all suspiciously dressed alike and styled like Rain.  He seems to notice this and even seems a bit incredulous.  Like, how dare they copy me!! In true symbolic form, he breaks free from the mold, sheds the jacket and starts to groove.

SK Telesys W4

This CF says to me that Rain will not (and cannot) ever be copied.  Nor will he be ignored!  They might want to dress like him, or even look like him; but one thing is for certain, they will never be him.  And, they (as well as the rest of the world) will be aware of his unique presence.  He is looking drop dead sexy gorgeous, too – isn’t he?! Rain in a white tank top brings balance and purpose to the world….at least it does for me anyway!!! ^.~

SK Telesys W 6

In this second offering, we have Rain on the run.  In a very Ji Woo-like scenario, he is trying to avoid being seen, captured or noticed.

But, sir, YOUR SHIRT IS OPEN! You may have avoided the authorities, the mob or perhaps a rabid gang sasaengs, but you certainly were not going to go unnoticed looking like THAT!! Oh my goodness gracious.  I really enjoyed this CF for a number of reasons. And yes, one of those reasons was certainly the close camera shot of his glorious abs. But gratuitous fangirl indulgent moment aside, this is a very well-styled, well-shot commercial film.  He is SO commanding in this CF with such a presence.  And, he doesn’t have to say a word.  Oozing confidence, sex appeal and a whole lot of swag, I love the way he unhurriedly saunters away from the vehicle, amused and pretty self-assured in knowing that he escaped whatever dire situation he was just in seconds ago.  Well-played Ji Hoon.


SK Telesys W3

I am not sure this CF would make me run out and buy myself a W phone.  It would, however, pique my interest enough to want to watch more of Rain on the screen. Of that much I AM sure. ^.^

Michele @cloudusa.wordpress.com/CloudUSA.org

SK Telesys 7

[Image credit: topicstock.pantip.com/blog.livedoor.jp/blog.asiatown.net][Video credit: ratoka8]

~ by Michele on November 9, 2013.

8 Responses to “[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Ji Hoon’s Too Sexy For His Phone – SK Telesys W Phone”

  1. Love this series, thanks for sharing Michele


  2. Reblogged this on Your Daily K-Shot of Hot.


  3. How dare they call Rain out on his phone!! Bwaaahahaha!! This is gold. I think I will stick with the way I saw it as I love the man of intrigue averting danger based solely on his swag alone! And suffice it to say, he would be able to do it even with a girly phone in tow! ^.^


    • The most hilarious thing of all was that during that same month, we saw that he actually DID have a phone like in the CF, big and yellow with pink ribbons hanging all off of it. Busted! LOL Terri did a *gunshot/FAIL* picture on the set of Strong Heart with an arrow, and I was like Dude, noooo! Where’s your Rain phone? Be The Man and get a Rain phone, Rain! *whine*

      We were just teasing him (it was probably just a case). With his crazy sense of humor, we knew he’d just have a good laugh about it. 😛


      One of my fondest memories of Rain to date. I love how he always makes me laugh. 😀

      Stephe ^@@^


      • OMG…..LOVE IT!! So perfect given the CF. Perfect. He is so adorable though, you just have to let him get away with it!


      • Oh my gosh. I had forgotten how irritated I was back then. Poor, poor Rain. 미안 해요, Rain. I feel so bad now. Sigh.

        Still, those days really were horrible, ladies. The news was scarce and the English translations were even scarcer. It was a mess for anyone from our side of the world trying to find out information about Rain. Really, it was. And it seemed to us like nothing we said was ever heard.

        The good news is Rain, The Cloud, and Rainy Entertainment stepped up to the plate soon after that, and things got MUCH better. So, yay.

        Terri :-}


  4. Very good, Michele, haha! Nice job. You got pretty close! 🙂

    The idea behind the Be With Aura campaign was how you’ll blend in with the crowd unless you have a W phone, which makes you instantly stand out (glow) when it comes to the opposite sex. Heheh.

    The idea behind the Be The Man campaign is easier to figure out with the other version of the CF, and I still crack up at it.

    Firm, rigid jaw.
    Six pack.
    Classic black suit.
    So… why are you using a girl’s cellphone? *gunshot/FAIL*
    “Your need to be a man is why you need the WPhone.”
    “Prove you’re man enough with the WPhone, by going metal. W.”

    Hilarious! ROFL

    I have to say I am loving what you’re doing with this series. Keep up the good work.^^

    Stephe ^@@^


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