[info] Story of Rain: 2013 Rain ZEPP Tour goods.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


There are a million questions going around. Just so that you all are in the loop…

The pre-sale of Story of Rain: 2013 Rain ZEPP Tour merchandise began on November 7 for all official members of the Japanese Cloud only, on Rain’s Japanese fan site. We’re not surprised by this because the concert tour is in Japan only, after all. Makes perfect sense.

There should still be plenty of these goods to be had at the concerts themselves, and if we’re lucky, they may even be made available by RAINY on certain Internet shopping sites the way the Legend of Rainism Tour goods were. *fingers crossed* We’ll have to see. Things have always worked differently when it comes to Japan.

(RAINY and Rain Japan requested on the site that the goods and pictures not be spread across the Internet right now, seeing as the pre-sale is exclusive to the Rain Japan Official Site at the present time, which is why we haven’t posted them here.)

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

(All images source credit: Rain Japan)


~ by Cloud USA on November 9, 2013.

7 Responses to “[info] Story of Rain: 2013 Rain ZEPP Tour goods.”

  1. Thanks for the information, good to know


  2. Ok, see here’s the thing, don’t post the pics of the merchandise before the pre-sale date on the internet cause once it’s on the internet…..umm….good luck with that. *LOL*…..(SMH on that one).

    So funny…………………..


    • Well, when you take the correct steps and post something on a CLOSED, PRIVATE CLUB BULLETIN BOARD that non-members cannot access, and members or outside persons who are privy to that information are the ones who share it when they should know better, it’s not your fault. The Korean Cloud has been dealing with that kind of mess too, for a long time. I find it quite irritating.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Me too. Irritating as hell.

        Terri :-}


      • Yes, it’s irritating but how do you “police” people who are intent on divulging private information? Do you increase membership fees, make it harder to become members? What is the answer?

        People don’t like to be told “no” they can’t do something, so they become defiant and decide they are going to do what they want to do anyway….damn the consequences. It always happens. No matter how many times the The Cloud kindly asks that no information be divulged, information Always gets divulged. Either media outlets hack the hell out of The Cloud website OR some member Clouds are just as bad as netizens (*IMO*).


        • Which is exactly the point I was making. You can try to do the right thing, but someone in the name of “fandom” will always purposely eff up. You can put money down on it and win that bet every time.

          Stephe ^@@^


  3. – Thanks for the info & clarification!


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