[images][GIF] Rain check. (And some gratuitous RRG.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It Rains on everyone, after all: Believe it or not, CloudUSAer Gee‘s 6-year-old cousin Hailey found this in her fortune cookie after a meal! Even at that young age, the little one knows just how much Gee adores Rain. She read the word inside and immediately told her mother, “Gisele would love this!” Hahaha, dear Hailey, we love it too. Gee, thanks for sharing the Rain. 😀



We already know Rain can give über-sexy when it comes to MENtholatum Skincare for Men. Here he does confidence and ultra-suave to the max. Showing skin or not showing skin, take your pick. The Magic Feet from Seoul always delivers. (Image credit: 国王De铁塔  @weibo)


Rain in Peruvian newspaper Asia Al Día today. (Image credit: gloriadejung @Twitter)

[English translation by Stephe @Cloud USA]

In one of the few appearances after finishing military service, Rain attended the Bazaar Men 2013 People of the Year Awards” gala held in Beijing (China). There the artist sang his famous songs, Hip Song” and “I Do.Subsequently, the idol received the award for Asia All-Around Entertainer.



Random Rain Goodness from around the Rainiverse today… (Courtesy of pipi-rain / sizuku219 / ajarain / Rain Angel)




(Female #1: “Girl, do you see what I see?” Female #2: “That tall, dark, Asian drink of water right there?” Female #1: “Yussssss. Who else?” ^@@^ :P)



~ by Cloud USA on November 7, 2013.

3 Responses to “[images][GIF] Rain check. (And some gratuitous RRG.)”

  1. He looks great and keeps getting better. I know I will love his new project when it comes out. I think we will have sexy Rain in our forecast for years to come.


  2. Thanks for posting about lil cuz Haley. She going to be excited about being mention on Rain’s fan site.


  3. Okay, that’s an awesome fortune cookie! 😀


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