[images] The Frequent Flyer Heads to Beijing (Incheon, Seoul 11/1)

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

And…….he’s off!! This time our World Star is heading to the BAZAAR Men Style People of the Year Award Ceremony in Beijing.  Did someone say ‘style’??!  Rain has a wealth of that, indeed.  I LOVE these outdoor shots at Incheon because they feel so sleek and movie/drama-like.  Was it the camera?  The atmosphere?  The subject?  I’d say it was all of the above.

19Incheon 1112013

18Incheon 1112013

17Incheon 1112013

16Incheon 11120113

15Incheon 1112013

14Incheon 1112013

13Incheon 1112013

Cool, stylish, relaxed, sleek, and handsome.  Yes, this man really knows how to navigate the friendly skies with a class and style all of its own. ♥

Michele @cloudusa.wordpress.com/CloudUSA,org

12Incheon 1112013

[Image credit as tagged by way of Ratoka/http://memo-rain.ning.com]

~ by Michele on November 1, 2013.

7 Responses to “[images] The Frequent Flyer Heads to Beijing (Incheon, Seoul 11/1)”

  1. Truthfully, I don’t understand why folks keep harping on Rain’s weight every time he turns around. (I’m talking about comments I’ve seen across the Internet, not necessarily here.) The man has proven that he is an expert in losing and gaining weight at any given time either for whatever project he’s got coming up or just because he wants to. And he does it all the time. He’s like a frickin’ yoyo — up, down, up, down. LOL

    We’ve seen so much of that, we should hardly even blink at it now.

    People worry too much when he obviously knows what he’s doing. Just my honest opinion.


    Stephe ^@@^


  2. Honestly, I think Bi looks fine (as in not too thin). Even though he’s chilling (for the most part) right now, he still can’t sit around “chunking” it up. He’s got to be camera/performance ready. Cameras “add weight” to a person. Also, a lot of the fashions that are on trend right now are considered Slim fit and that’s for guys as well, not just women….even men’s suits and tuxedos.

    If you are a fashionable man (like Bi) and you have a tendency to be bottom thick (like Bi), you will have to work out more frequently to stay Fit and Cut (ripped abs, etc.). That’s just the bottom line. I’m sure he is regularly working out in order to, first and foremost, remain healthy and secondly to fit his cute rump in those bad @ss fashions that we love to see him in. Also, never forget that Bi has a recurring issue with back pain from time to time (I do as well). The first thing a doctor is going to want a person to do after the pain has subsided is shed a few LBs (if needed and if possible). A person that has even the slightest back issues has to keep his/her weight in check. Not easy, especially for those who love cheesecake (like myself).

    He’s fine (ok) and he looks good in his clothes as always. (*JM2Cents*)


  3. RainRain look good. He does look kind of thin, looks good still the same


  4. just yummy. Sorry it had to be said. I so need to help up to Seoul, who is with me?


  5. A View to a kill.. I kill for that view first hand


  6. He looks so thin AGAIN 🙂 maybe it’s because of this outfit.


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