9 Responses to “[fan account][images] Making the Rounds – Rain Visits A Golf Course in Kyungki-do, Seoul (10/28)”

  1. I think it is great he is taking some time to enjoy himself after coming from the military. Being in the military is no joke even for someone like him. It does not bother me one bit that he is doing this. I was surprised actually that he immediately started to do things right after he got discharged from the military. I thought he would take a couple of months off. I know I would have done that especially with the little stupid trouble he experienced while in there. I am going to wait patiently for him to come out with some awesome music, I just know it is going to blow my mind!!!!!!


  2. Well You will all excuse me and most of all I’m sorry to Jung Ji-Hoon. I’m a cloud I think I know how hard you worked till you left for the military. And I know how hard military life is. But I’m selfish and I don’t want to see you traveling around and playing Golf. I want to hear your in the studio making sweet music. And getting ready to come back. I haven’t seen you live yet and I really do want that opportunity. And the logic human side of me says yes. Enjoy life you work so hard. But the emotional part of me says get your butt to work I want to see you soon. Still I cheer you on.. and good luck with Golf


    • Gia, it is true that Clouds are getting impatient, especially the US Clouds who have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. But, all in good time. Just think of how sweet it will be when he does throw down some new music and get back out there. I think Rain knows exactly how he wants to play this and I think he is going about it quite nicely. His little appearances here and there are titillating tidbits of what is yet to come, primers for something bigger and better. I just hope he chooses us to explode upon. Like I have even tweeted to him in the past….if it is the the USA he wants to conquer, we are ready for him to storm our shores, and conquer the living daylights out of us!!! 🙂


  3. Strangely enough, my son just started learning to play golf and absolutely loves it. He’s gotten himself a set of clubs and everything. Gets up early before work sometimes and heads to the range. Or putts on one of those little portable hole-in-one greens at home.

    I’m shocked at how professional JT already looks in this short amount of time.

    That should have been my warning right there that I’d see Rain on a golf course soon. The two of them are already so much alike in the things they do and how they do them (they’re even the same height and weight), they’re just different colors. LOL

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. I’ve tried golf and I can’t hit the ball for the life of me so my hat’s off for him to pick up golf. and yes I think it suits him well just don’t wear grandpa pants please


  5. Frankly, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am really loving seeing him take it a little easier for a change. After all, when you think about it, he has worked non-stop since he was what–15 years old?

    As many life experiences as he has already had, there are likely many others that he hasn’t had yet. I mean, really. The man is 30+ years old and he’s a millionaire and he’s never played golf? Sheesh. Even I’VE played golf. Not that I liked it. The game’s pace is way too slow for my hyperactive self. I can’t even get through a game of putt-putt without getting antsy. So, you can imagine what I’m like with 18 holes on a standard golf course. LOL.

    I’m betting there are hundreds of things Ji-Hoon has never done, and as far as I’m concerned, he should do them while he’s young, rather than waiting until later in life, when he might not be able to do them at all. That’s my motto, anyway, and it has worked so far.

    It’s just made me smile to see him thinking of himself for a change. Yes, it did.

    Terri :-}


    • Well, here comes “old grumpy pants” this morning (*me*). As far as golf goes, it’s always seemed like an elitist sport (*to me*) until…..well…Tiger entered the picture….SMILES. I’ve never had a desire to try golf (beyond the putt-putt variety) even though I have watched Tiger play on TV. Now here comes the “grumpy pants” part.

      I know I’m supposed to “be sweet” to Bi and all….BUT, you said it yourself, he’s a millionaire. I just can’t feel too sorry for a millionaire when he or she can choose at any time to “smell the roses.” Once your accountant has pretty much told you your future is “secured” you can do LOTS of things. Now who’s making you work non stop exactly….Truly? Bi could pump the brakes and take two, three or five years off if he wants too. It’s just the performer in them that wants to keep going to the point of exhaustion. I WISH I had that option to take some time. I would SO be retired right now and traveling my “buttocks” off. LOL! There’s so many places I want to see.

      Of course I think it’s awesome, that anyone (whoever he or she may be) can enjoy their life, but millionaires get to do it with a lot more ease than the rest of us.

      OH don’t get pissy with me Clouds! I still “Love” Honey Love….that won’t change. This is just the truth from My eyes.


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