[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Some Like It Hot – Rinnai Heating Systems

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer


In my opinion, this is brilliant.  Was there really any question who would be best able to endorse a product that, well, generates heat?

Rain is the very definition (and essence) of hot so signing him on to endorse Rinnai Heating Systems was, on one hand, a no brainer, and on the other, another display of sheer marketing genius!

When I watched this ad, I was convinced the advertising team was made up solely of women!!  Let’s look at the evidence.

First, Rain walking with shirt open, the warm breeze on his skin.  Second, Rain casually sitting in his apartment as if he were inviting you in for a glass of wine.  (Yes, my imagination goes a bit wild sometimes when I watch him.)  Finally (and most importantly), Rain shirtless.  Rain shirtless taking a shower.  I repeat, Rain shirtless taking a shower.  Yep, there must have been a woman executive calling the shots on this one.  That is one smart cookie!!!




Ok, let me put away my shallow fangirl ogle hat for a second here and look at this CF more objectively (if I can).  Once again I am impressed with both the concept and overall look of this CF in that it is filmed seductively in a way a movie would be filmed.  I watch this and see Rain as a man of international power and intrigue.  He is styled and dressed impeccably, has a beautiful apartment and just oozes success.  These commercial films are so much more than advertisements.  They are entertainment and I, for one, would not be annoyed if this ad were to interrupt any show I was watching!


This ad campaign came out in 2004.  Hmmmm….2004.  Wasn’t that the same year It’s Raining was released?  This is just my observation, but it seems that this was the year when Rain really started to embrace and share his provocative and sensual side in his performances.  Not that he wasn’t all that prior thereto (in fact, I think he was just born sexy) but what I mean is this.  He seems to have turned the corner then and really embraced it. Look at the cover for the single, It’s Raining.


He embraced it all right – hasn’t let go of it, and hasn’t looked back.  There are so many amazing performances he gave us from that year but this 2004 MKMF Awards show performance is among my very favorites.  Priming It’s Raining with MJ, MC Hammer, and Bobby Brown…I am just floored to the ground every time I watch this.  There is so much incredible awesome in this 9+ minute video.  It is drenched with Rain’s very special (and amazing) talent, swag, playfulness, charisma, and sexy style.  It just does not get any better.

He lit that room up like MJ used to do with every performance.  You know it.  I know it. And we need the entire world to know that this man is the real deal, the true-to-the core triple threat singer, dancer, and actor.  FOR. REAL.

Michele @cloudusa.wordpress.com/CloudUSA.org

[Image credit: cloudusa@wordpress.com/Video credit: manloverain8888 & vega0926x]

~ by Michele on October 27, 2013.

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  1. We definitely need the world to know how ASTOUNDING this man is.



  2. Reblogged this on Your Daily K-Shot of Hot.


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