[ETA Eng trans][fanmade][learning Kor] Rain video salad.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Drizzle your favorite dressing on top, toss together well, and enjoy! 🙂

Pit-A-Pat Korean time! Learning Korean with KBS World TV and Full House. (Clip credit: KBS World TV @YT.)


Clouds who have been blocked due to location (NOT by RAINY) from seeing the video that RAINY Entertainment shared with us all on their YouTube channel… try this one! If you share it, please recognize RAINY as the owner. Huge thanks to China RainBar. 🙂

» LINK: 2013 The Cloud fanmeeting To You Fan Event.

(Source credit: RAINY Entertainment / rainyent @YT. Courtesy of China RainBar @youku.)

  [Fan Event video English translations by 화니. Please credit properly.]

Bi, Rain, Jung Ji-hoon.

You who are irreplaceable, are like a ray of sunshine in our lives.

Now we try to return the love showed to us.

We all have learned from you what it’s like to have a true passion for one’s work, what it’s like to be touched, and what it’s like to do one’s best however the result turns out.

The road to success is never smooth, but you have long maintained the top spot through your endless efforts, having a firm belief in yourself.

The times you and we Cloud have shared together are our pride and joy.

The times you have shared your joys and sorrows with us are all very dear to Cloud.

We’ve been looking forward to your time to restart.

No matter where you are, we’ll always stand by you in joy and sorrow.

Now we Cloud will be with you Rain even during your another age.

  [Rain’s dialogue English translations by 화니. Please credit properly.]

I always believe in myself, I always try to be true to myself, I always try to do my best. and I always try to stick to my word. If I believe in myself and if you trust me, I think I will reward you with my good result.

Fans are like friends to me, who share joys and sorrows with me.

We all are riding on a so-called train of fate in life. Just because you are behind the others, please don’t be frustrated. Surely you’ll find the entrance to the expressway.


He proved he could fly. Revisiting our Naoko’s fan made for Rain’s 10th career anniversary. ♥ (Credit and edit: Naoko / harudoful @YT.)

Revisiting December 2010: Rain shows up on the street near Hongik University for a Guerrilla Interview/Star Date with KBS during an eclipse! One of our favorite Rain interviews! (Source credit: KBS World TV @YT.)

~ by Cloud USA on October 27, 2013.

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  1. So nice, thanks for sharing


  2. Thanks for sharing as always


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