[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Send in the Clones – KB Star Card (Part 1)

Cloud cover by Michele, Staff Writer

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It is an ongoing delight to watch Rain endorse a product, isn’t it?

He truly does bring his very own special charm and style of promotion, regardless of product or concept.  Perhaps it is because, as an entertainer, he has to be a bit of a self-promoter himself in what is a very competitive business: show business. Maybe this gives him an edge as he truly understands the power of promotion and the necessity to be both honest and effective.  Think about it.  When Rain endorses something, he is not selling himself per se, but he is attaching himself to a product, goods, or service so he does have a certain responsibility as a representative of what he is endorsing.  I’m guessing Rain most probably knows this and that is why he approaches each project with respect and dedication.  In fact, these are two words I would easily associate with Rain: respect and dedication.

In this two part look at his KB Star Card projects, you will get a taste of Rain’s playful side as well as his steamy swaggery side.  This is Rain’s special weapon.  He has the wonderful ability to be both provocative and sexy all while maintaining that adorable sweetness that just overflows from him the moment he smiles.  Whatever the side, however, be prepared to witness dedicated focus, consistent good work, hot fresh moves, cute overload, and pure entertainment.

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KB Financial, a solid mainstay in the world of South Korean finance, knows gold when it sees it.  You want to promote your debit/credit card?  Fine.  Get the golden one to do it!  Then, let him chest pump his way through the CF producing all kinds of goodies, being all kinds of cute and sexy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 9.39.02 PM

Better yet, my personal favorite – Rain clones!!  Did ad agency Oricom see right into my Rain-heavy fantasy world and yank that concept right out my subconscious while I was sleeping?!  A street littered with Rains coming at you, effortlessly cloned to the back beat of JT’s Sexy Back?? Where do I get one of these cards and if I use it at my local ATM, will a Rain clone eject from the machine????

Rain…I dare say, I LOVE the way you promote! 🙂

Michele @Cloudusa.wordpress.com/CloudUSA.org

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[Video credit: j492003 and castnet]

~ by Michele on October 22, 2013.

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