[candid video][SixToFive] A Man And A Horse

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

Rain on horse

I don’t know why I find this video so endearing, but I just do.  Could it be Rain’s apprehension over the impending horseback ride?  Or the way he lovingly pats the horse before riding?  Maybe it is how ridiculously cute he looks in that helmet and how jaw-droppingly hot he fills out that argyle sweater!  Whatever it is, he never fails to make me smile. 🙂

I am continually appreciative of candid videos like these that give us a peek of Rain at leisure just hanging out, collecting memories not only for himself, but for his Clouds who hope that amid all of his hard work to entertain us the way he does, he finds time to relax and just enjoy life as Ji Hoon!  ^.^

Michele @cloudusa.wordpress.com/CloudUSA.org

[Image credit: soompi.com/Video credit: ratoka1]

~ by Michele on October 21, 2013.

One Response to “[candid video][SixToFive] A Man And A Horse”

  1. this video was filmed in Switzerland not? how nice horse ride!


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