[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: A BMW, Bullets and a Broken Heart.

Cloud cover by:  Michele, Staff Writer


When was the last time a commercial made you cry?  Has one ever made you cry?  Maybe this one might push you to the verge of waterworks just a little bit, especially if you are a hopeless romantic like me and you adore Rain.

One of the best discoveries I have made since falling down the K-rabbit hole is the commercial film (CF).  In my opinion, these mini-productions are given the same care, attention and importance as any film or drama.  I love that dedication and respect for this particular genre in Asia – it is art after all.  The extended commercial films are pure entertainment and marketing gold.  My first (and don’t condemn on this) was Lee Min Ho’s The One and Only for Toyota. I was blown away.  I thought to myself, this is brilliant marketing.  Not only that, what an additional amazing gift of entertainment to add to a fangirl’s treasure chest of goodies featuring her particular K-love.  I still had yet to discover the BMW endorsement.

When I did, I watched Rain’s BMW Meets Truth (feat. Still Believe) like it was a full-length feature film.  It captivated me.  I was mesmerized by what was unfolding on my screen.  And I about lost my mind when that lone tear falls from his left eye as he parses through pictures showing his girlfriend’s infidelity and watches her subsequent abduction on that snazzy pop up screen on the car dashboard.  Whenever Rain’s eyes fill and ultimately spill with tears, I just melt into a puddle of emotional fangirl mush.  Girl cannot help it!

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 11.43.43 AM

And as his tears continue to fall and the devastation sets in, I cried right along with him. Oh my goodness…..RAIN!  This man’s dedication to bringing his best no matter what the project continues to amaze me.  It just shows his incredible respect for that project and for his fans.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 11.43.50 AM

This well-made CF/MV is another nugget of gold Rain can add to his reel.  The Ji Hoon in this CF/MV is at times blissfully happy, demure, angry, intense, devastated, defeated, lost and resolved – all in like 15 minutes.  AH-mazing!  Then, the CF is capped off with the music video portion where Rain is looking all fly, dancing and bringing that special Rain-laced swag that is always a heady mix of sweet, sexy and cool.  The product of this endorsement is a perfect storm of acting, music and dance if there ever was one!!

Makes me want to go out and buy myself a shiny blue BMW…well, so long as it is delivered by Rain and the audio system can tolerate Still Believe being played really, really loud!

Come join me and let’s revisit this gem.

Michele @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

[Image credit:  koreanfashiononline.com/Video credit:  rainyent]

~ by Michele on October 14, 2013.

15 Responses to “[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: A BMW, Bullets and a Broken Heart.”

  1. Yes Terri, I agree; I enjoyed this one too


  2. He managed to cover pretty much every emotion in a short span of time – a true testament to his incredible range. I hope he does return to the screen at some point because I think he is a fearless actor who needs to show us more of what we already know he is beyond capable of doing. ^.^


    • Me too! He needs an Oscar-worthy role, I tell you. I believe he would knock it out of the park.

      Terri :-}


      • I concur….I get the feeling he is completely fearless and would just throw down an honest and raw performance – if given the right role and works with the right director. I think Tarantino would LOVE him esp given the fact that Tarantino is a big fan of Park Chan Wook. ^.^


    • Oh and BTW, Lee Min Ho is my #2 bias in the K-world. Love his acting skills and I think his extended Toyota commercials are awesome. No condemnation here! If that was the case, then we’d both have to be condemned together. American entertainment could learn a few things from their Asian counterparts….IMHO.


      • City Hunter. Loved LMH in that…LOVED. I also crushed on him pretty well in Faith! Haven’t been watching Heirs so don’t know how he is faring in that one!!


        • Uh oh, well another LMH fan (*Ssh, we have to whisper that around these parts…SMILES*) dare I say?

          Yes, BOFs…City Hunter….Faith, watched’em all. I’m watching Heirs now. They only have two episodes out right now. His acting is great as usual, his English not so much…but you can’t have everything right…*SMILES*. I think the drama will progress nicely as they go along. Nothing like snobby, rich kids in K-dramas. If you want to talk dramas, Mari and I usually talk a LOT over on the “What Clouds Are Watching” post. She and I share similar drama tastes as well. Pop in sometime, when you’re not too busy. *SMILES*


          • I appreciated LMH at the time of viewing but admit he has not been much on my radar. My Raindar pretty much drowns everyone else out!! I have found that when I work on my K-Shots for my blog that I go a little swoony for the subject and then Rain steps back in with a firm reminder that he is, in fact and forever shall be, number 1! Kim Junsu from TVXQ/JYJ has left a lasting impression, however! Rain may or may not approve of that – but, I think he would have to agree that Junsu is pretty talented! ^.^


            • Oh Michele, Rain is ALWAYS “big daddy Numero Uno” in MY K-world. So much so, that I don’t even bother with saying it, because it goes without saying. *SMILES* I usually compare others in the K-world to well….others in the K-world but never to Rain on any level. However, I can appreciate the work of other entertainers. Honestly, I’m not much of a k-pop follower (truth be told) only a Rain follower when it comes to music. Although, I like some JYJ and Big Bang. However, I am a Cloud more drawn to the dramas (the acting) side of the K-world. It’s always an extra treat when the actors sing too like Lee Seung Gi. I also like Micky Yoochun more so as an actor than a singer. Kim Hyun Joong is good too IMHO.

              Hey, a Cloud’s got “needs” and big daddy #1 is keeping us in suspense. LOL!!


              • Favorite part of that comment…..’Hey, a Cloud’s got “needs” and big daddy #1 is keeping us in suspense.’ Couldn’t have said it any better, D!! ^.^ LOL…love it!


  3. Thanks for the re-visit Michele. This is where I first became aware of Rain “the dancer/artist.” After watching NA, “Still Believe in Love” was the first video I saw of his hip-hop artistry and at first I was like…..WTH is this?? (*in a good way though….SMILES*). I thought….”an Asian man??…doing hip-hop??….Whaaaat???”

    From that moment on…..”I was his”…..(*figuratively speaking of course…..SMILES*).


    • Hey D!! Oh yes….I felt the same way when I heard him sing for the first time…I thought there is no way THAT voice, that deep, smooth, husky voice, is coming out of that man!! He is something else, that’s for sure. I am literally deer-in-the-headlights stunned sometimes over his blatant (and oh so sexy) rhythm when he dances. So natural. So soulful. So very Rain! ^.^


  4. Oh, yes. A spectacular showing of Rain’s acting range. I love this one.

    Terri :-}


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