[articles] Rain thanks Domestic and World fans at private gathering on home soil. (10/12)


SOOMPI News 10/12/2013 — by crystalcove

Rain Thanks Fans for Their Love at First Post-Military Fan Meeting in Korea

Singer and actor Rain delighted his fans yesterday with the successful completion of his first post-miliary fan meeting in Korea titled “2013 Rain with You Fan Meeting.”
Held at Kyung Hee University, this is Rain’s first fan meeting in Korea since 2009, and fans, showing thirst and love, showed up by the thousands from all over the world. Reflective of Rain’s wide fan base, it is reported that over 1300 interpretation devices were rented for this event.

Rain, dressed smartly in a suit, looked up brightly and happily at his cheering fans upon his entrance. Throughout the fan meeting, Rain’s face was shining with happiness as he and his fans shared memories.


During a Q&A session, Rain revealed what he was up to these days, saying, “In anticipating of a practice-centered life, right now I am relaxing by practicing when I have the chance, reading, watching movies, and experiencing a variety of things.”

Rain didn’t forget to thank his fans for waiting for him during his military service, saying, “It is due to the fans who believe me and support me that I am able to work so hard and succeed.”

Rain also performed his hit songs at the fan meeting, a welcomed sound to his fans.  They will be able to hear more as Rain starts his “2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR – STORY OF RAIN” in Japan from November 14, hitting four cities (Nagoya, Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo) for a total of ten performances.



OSEN 10/12/2013 —

Rain’s fans throughout the world were gathered to attend his fan meeting. 1,300 translating devices were arranged

Rain’s fans across the globe, including Korea, Japan, China, Europe, North America, etc., came to his domestic fan meeting held for the first time after his discharge from the army. Accordingly, no less than 1,300 translating devices were arranged for his foreign fans.

With more than 3,000 fans from China, Japan, Europe, North America, Turkey, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, etc., including Korea, in attendance, Rain’s fan meeting started at 4:00pm on the 12th.

The fan meeting was originally going to be held for his Korean fans, but proving that he is popular around the world, Rain arranged no less than 1,300 translating devices when it was attended by a great many foreign fans.

During the fan meeting, Rain sang his hit songs, and tried spending quality time with his fans and having meaningful conversations that are ways to build intimacy and strengthen bonds while telling them how he was getting along.
His management agency gave a hint, “Rain has prepared many things to spend meaningful time with his fans. He’ll sing many songs.”

As it was his first fan meeting since 2009 when he was about to be enlisted, the event drew great attention from the public. Gagman ‘Yun Jung-su‘ hosted the event.

Meanwhile, Rain is to hold a fan meeting in Japan in November. He is planning a concert tour entitled “2013 RAIN ZEPP TOUR STORY OF RAIN” in a total of 4 cities like Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo starting in Nagoya on November 14th. He’ll perform a total of 10 concerts and the tour will finish on November 28th.

Source: Osen http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=106&oid=109&aid=0002635666
English translation by 화니

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  1. What a wonderful account of RainRain fan meeting. Thanks for sharing


  2. It is so good to see genuine joy on his face.


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