4 Responses to “[fan account] “That’s the thing about Rain. He loves his fans! What’s a few guards to him?””

  1. Thank you for sharing
    love of your detailed moment with Rain,
    and surrounding ,and picture of Rain,and signed ticket
    for real,happy for you,and us to know Rain is well,and
    stunningly handsome look with angelic strength of above,
    so unreal in this world sometimes,and so real like
    very nice next door neighbor who lives in this world,
    and how relieved/encouraged I feel
    for person like Him is here in this world


  2. That’s cool! I wish he would go back in the studio! I need new music lol


  3. Ohhh how sweet, I am gland you got close to him and got RainRain’s autograph. You see in the end RainRain’s fans mean a lot to him
    Thanks for sharing


  4. I wish I was there!!!!!!so lucky….


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