[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: FuMa-licious!

Cloud cover by:  Michele, Staff Writer

Fuma2Is it just me, or does Rain look delectably and deliciously happy when he is eating?  I cannot imagine him ever turning down an opportunity to endorse food – especially something sweet!

Back in 2007, Rain signed on to endorse FuMa Cakes in China.  Generally, it seems that in Asia signing on for an endorsement is a big deal, like in press conference big deal.  Unlike here in the States, I believe a lucrative endorsement in Asia is indeed a celebrated event complete with press (obviously) and perhaps even some champagne.  Fijan Fuma Foods Group was clearly happy with Rain on board for this campaign.  Golden boy meets golden snack cakes?  Yep, that works!







[Fangirl Footnote:  Isn’t he so perfectly handsome in that chocolate sweater and tortoise-shell framed glasses?]

Decked in white, ethereal and angelic, I love the way he moves throughout this CF offering sweet smiles that are both mischievous and endearing.  He almost reminds me of Park Il Soon, his character from I’m A Cyborg But That’s OK, minus the mental institution, that is.  Il Soon was a carefree spirit with a playful and infectious way about drawing those around him into his incongruous world.  Maybe we are seeing some residuals of Park Il Soon here in this CF.

I know Rain wants (and loves) to earn – still there is a part of me that has to believe that when he signs on for any endorsement, he does so with his fans in mind.  Hear me out.  He knows we love to watch him perform and a true entertainer knows that any performance, be it grand scale or seemingly small and insignificant, is the gateway to a fan’s heart, even if it is a 30-second spot enjoying a sweet golden snack cake!  So I ask, if Rain were to offer you a package of FuMa Cakes, would you… rather, could you say no? 🙂

Unfortunately, there are no subs for the following video but frankly, I couldn’t care less because just listening to him talk while holding that FuMa Cake stuffed creature is just delightful!

Michele @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

[Photo credit:  soompi.com/Video credit: hung vincet]

~ by Michele on October 9, 2013.

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