[announcement] A very special New on the Block.


We are pleased to announce that community member Michele DeMarco has accepted a Staff Writer position here on our Cloud USA media blog.

She started her own Korean-interest blog several months ago, and wholeheartedly admits to being a K-Drama addict. K-Pop? Absolutely, she digs it as well. 🙂

Being fairly new to the K-World, she’s having a great time seeing and hearing and absorbing new things, especially about the world star who has truly lit a fire under her—Rain. Not only did she fly in to support him at his Army discharge in Seoul, she also made some Cloud noise at the Arirang World Peace Festival in Washington D.C.

Please join us in welcoming her, and support her well as she eases into her new role.

Thanks, everyone. Congrats, Michele!

— Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on October 5, 2013.

15 Responses to “[announcement] A very special New on the Block.”

  1. Michele,
    Very happy for you and for us! Looking forward to reading your articles. I know you will do an awesome job!


  2. Michele, Congratulations on becoming part of the CloudUSA staff. I look forward to reading your articles.


  3. Congratulations, Michelle eonnie!


  4. Congratulations and welcome Michele


  5. Thank you ALL so much for your support and encouragement! It is indeed another new and exciting chapter to my already outrageously exciting Rain experience! I can only hope I serve both Cloud USA and him well in this endeavor! ♥^.^♥


  6. Congrats Michele!!!!!!!!


  7. Wow, congratulations Michele! I’m sure you’ll do an awesome job. *SMILES*


  8. Reblogged this on Your Daily K-Shot of Hot and commented:
    DAEBAK!! I am so excited to be joining the Cloud USA team and look forward to letting the world know how much I admire, respect , support, and am inspired by the amazing Rain!


  9. Congrads girlfriend. Great addition to a great team. 🙂


  10. WOW! A really good addition for a great team! Congratulations!
    Myriam from Spain


  11. I’m very glad to hear that. She’s very nice!!! I expect her activity. (^-^) ♥


  12. Congrats, Michele!!!



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