From Stephe’s Desk: We’re home safely and ready to get back to work.


Greetings, CloudUSAers, Cloud sisters, Rain fans, and friends!

Terri and I arrived back in Atlanta late yesterday evening after a long but fun road trip to New Orleans and doing it up Rain-style at this past weekend’s Cloudburst.

Boy, are we tired!  But that tiredness is mixed with a huge dose of joy at having spent an amazing weekend with sister Clouds from across the U.S. I mean, wow. It gets no better. (Only Rain himself and the Fabulous Ones, nothing less, could do that!) 🙂

We have one regret—that the weekend ended so quickly and the group could only hang out together in “Nawlins” for a couple of days. But hey, there are many more Cloudbursts to be had, right?

Anyhoos, I just wanted to check in, to send much love out to Gee for opening her heart and home (woman, you are a gem, truly one of a kind!), and also send love out to all of you that we had the privilege of meeting. Your warmth, your hugs, your smiles and stories and support for Rain were incredible. He is a lucky dude to have fans like you.

I’m going to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzs now because posting tonight without some rest would pretty much result in me producing substandard stuff, and neither Rain nor any of you who spend part of your day with us on the blog deserve that. So, I’ll see you all tomorrow (rather, later on today, as we’re already in the wee hours of Tuesday morning) when I’ll be zipping across the Rainiverse and catching the blog up with news and Rain goodness from the past three days. With a clearer head and fresh eyes. (Cloudburst accounts, pictures, and a Cloudburst post are on the way.)

Rain fans united!

Stephe ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on October 1, 2013.

7 Responses to “From Stephe’s Desk: We’re home safely and ready to get back to work.”

  1. – Awww, I’m glad for you all, and photos and fan accounts for us?? Awesomeness, and just as good a a vid- I’ve already pulled up the links and will be reading in between chores 🙂 God bless ya’ll for sharing in such a detailed manner so us “Unfortunates” (lol) that couldn’t attend can relive it through your words and images! God bless you all.


  2. Welcome home ladies, sounds like you had a great time. Can’t wait to see the pictures


  3. stefhe and terri thanks for keeping us informed of the news of the rain. greeting and a virtual hug from Caracas Venezuela eternally grateful.


  4. Thankful you arrived home safely and hope everyone else did as well. Will be looking forward to hearing about the weekend and seeing pictures!


    • Liz,

      So far, it does sound like everyone is home and safe with their families at this point.

      I’m anxious to see the photos too. Seriously, Stephe and I didn’t have a single minute to even think about taking any photos. I don’t know how that happened. Maybe because we were so involved with taking in the whole experience? Sigh.

      Everyone said they would send us their pics, though, so we could post them. So, it’s all good. And we’ve got several fan accounts coming, I think…

      Terri :-}


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