[images][GIFs][Chrome theme] Rain check. And some Fab 5 fun.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Mentholatum Rain in the SingTao Daily newspaper. (Image credit: Scorpiola @weibo)



Mentholatum Rain GIFs. N-i-c-e.^^ (Credit: Baby_Tree)




Would you like a Sonic Bang Rain September Calendar theme for your Chrome browser? If you do, our Rainthetreasure has one right here: CLICK THIS LINK or the image below FOR DOWNLOAD. 🙂



A FAB 5 seafood fest. Party on! 🙂 (Image credit: Ko SooBong @Facebook, 9/7/2013.)



Random Rain Goodness, from across the Rainiverse today. (Courtesy of sizuku219 / pollyanna)





Revisiting June 2010: Remember Fugitive: Plan B photographer Ryan Moon’s picture of Rain catching Producer/Director Kwak sound asleep on the set, and what Ryan said about it? kekeke! Here is the incident from another angle. 😛 (courtesy of pollyanna)




~ by Cloud USA on September 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “[images][GIFs][Chrome theme] Rain check. And some Fab 5 fun.”

  1. The glasses…..MERCY!…..The TAN……GOOD GRAVY!!

    To both I say YES Please!!!


  2. Now see, I laugh every time I see him being a “devil” taking that picture of the Director sleeping. Hubby and I terrorize each other with Iphones like that too! I had to chase him down just last night to delete, delete, delete……NO…..get your mind out of the gutter. Wasn’t like that, but it wasn’t pretty either…..LOL!! I was like dude you wanna “die.”


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