6 Responses to “[fan account] Because of this “accident” fans were able to see Rain longer, so we secretly thanked the broken door.”

  1. Rain’s male fans weren’t allowed in??? How boneheaded is that? The skin care products are for….wait for it…..men.

    Let me get this straight. You market a product to men, using the image of a very handsome and talented man BUT men weren’t allowed in…..(*pardon me while I LOL now….cause that makes absolutely no damned sense*).


  2. I agree a man product, must be some rule or something to why they could not go in. Good coverage though, thanks for sharing,.


  3. Hahah….yes, thanks goodness for the “broken door”..fans must have been thrilled. Bi must have wings on his feet because he walks really fast…..

    Thanks Huhuhuhu for posting !


  4. “Male fans weren’t allowed to go into the MENtholatum press conference to see Rain” – This is so strange and stupid! MENtholatum is the cosmetics for men as I know, isn’t it? p.s. thank you and huhuhuhu for this interesting fan account again.


    • Yeah, I thought that was REAL bright. If I was a man and I tried to get in to see Rain at this event, and you didn’t let me, do you think I would be buying MENtholatum for Men products. Um…let me think for a second and a half…NO.

      Come on MENtholatum. Use your other brain, please.

      Terri :-}


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