[images][clips][fan cam] Rain back home safely after MENtholatum Skincare press con in China. (9/3)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Leaving Shanghai Airport yesterday. (Video source credit: Sina / courtesy of scorpiolabi1 @YT.)

Actually, he waved three times. 🙂

LINK: Rain leaving Shanghai Airport, by CharlotteLu @youku.

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Arriving at Gimpo International in Korea yesterday. (Video source credit: MyDaily / courtesy of ratoka @YT.)

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~ by Cloud USA on September 4, 2013.

7 Responses to “[images][clips][fan cam] Rain back home safely after MENtholatum Skincare press con in China. (9/3)”

  1. Wondering what is that machine were he stepped on. Loving the sneakers with the red heart. It wouldnt look that nice if i was wearing it. Lol


  2. RainRain is so nice and welcoming to his fans. Love the Fan cam, such great close up shots Thanks for sharing


  3. Somebody was watching the RAINY DAY episode some time ago, when he filmed the “Rainism” MV in Thailand, and took note him hoarding all the Dunkin Donuts for himself back then, hahaha! 😛

    Smart move at the airport. 😀

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. I love his airport outfits…he looks so damn fine. (^_^) hehehe
    Yes, I wonder what is next ? I am sure Bi is cooking up something behind the scenes now….so I will sit back and be happily waiting to see the next thing he does..(^_^)


  5. *Kekekekeke*……Dude in front of Rain with the striped shirt on. I’m sorry (not trying to be mean…..Kekekeke). Lord knows, I have had my fashion “missteps.” However, I gotta say not everybody can pull off the “sexy slim cut jacket with the no socks” thing. That outfit on Bi…….TOTALLY different look….on dude with the round cheeks…..Kekekeke! (*just saying*).

    I know……….forgive me, I couldn’t help it. *SMILES*


  6. I think he really does enjoy being with the one boy, he always wants to touch his head aaawww just shows the sweet side of the man. That was a productive trip. I wonder what’s next. 🙂 🙂


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