[articles] Rain has been the face & body of MENtholatum Skincare for Men since 2011. What does the future hold?



HanCinema 9/3/2013 —

Rain’s first visit to China since military service

Rain proved his never ending popularity in China.

Rain visited Shanghai to promote a cosmetic brand he is modeling for.

This is the first time he’s gone to China since he completed Nation Duty and the fans loved him.

Rain was dressed in a white jacket with black pants and stood out handsomely. He greeted the fans in Chinese and the heat increased.

Meanwhile, Rain mentioned his future plans. He said, “Nothing has been decided yet but I will come back with a new album or drama soon.”

“I am also meeting with several Chinese directors and I hope to see you again real soon.” His fluency in Chinese was outstanding.

Source : tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read… ( English )



My Daily 9/4/2013 — [English translation by 화니]

Rain, “I haven’t made any firm plans at this point. Chinese directors’ proposals are in the melting pot.”

Singer Rain has proven that he remains just as popular as ever even in China.

According to ‘Tungstar’, one of the Chinese media, Rain working as a model of a Chinese prestigious cosmetics brand, visited Shanghai for a commercial promotion event last 3rd.

As this was his first appearance in front of his Chinese fans after his discharge from the army, he received a more enthusiastic response than ever.

Rain with a white jacket and black pants at the scene of the event, captivated his Chinese fans with his stylish looks. And, he said hi to them in Chinese, “Hello, everyone. This is Rain. Long time no see. I’ve missed you so much.”, which made them much more excited.

Meanwhile, Rain talked about his future plans through press interviews, “I don’t have a definite plan yet, but I’d like to release my new album or to play in a drama or a movie as soon as possible. Chinese directors and I have been talking about movies I’ll star in. I also want to meet Chinese movie fans soon.” This could mean that there is a potential for him to have a career in China.

Credit to Mydaily http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1378253038566931010
English translation by 화니

~ by Cloud USA on September 4, 2013.

4 Responses to “[articles] Rain has been the face & body of MENtholatum Skincare for Men since 2011. What does the future hold?”

  1. He has better skin that I have !
    Regarding his comeback, it would be great if he came back with new music first. I need new Rain music ! I totally totally miss him on the Kpop scene. Kpop has been very bland since he left for MS.
    Then either drama or movie. However, I hope he does not do any movies or dramas in China (since I am Chinese). No No……..


  2. He is a true walking billboard for the effectiveness of those products. Rain’s skin looks awesome. I’m sure his amazing exercises routine helps a lot but those products give his skin that amazing look.


  3. muchas graciass !!


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