[article][festival review] Sonic Bang’s respectable debut.

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Very sad about the indie and local bands—I thought they’d gotten a fairer shot with all the stages and the variety Sonic Bang was talking up. *sigh* In addition to Rain, I would love to have grooved to the Pet Shop Boys. Yessir! ^@@^




Bangkok Post Lifestyle/Music 8/28/2013 —

Respectable Debut

The inaugural Sonic Bang festival was impressively organised, amplifying expectations for next year’s event


As for the line-up, I’d say it could use a rethink. Probably understandable, though, since Sonic Bang made such a commendable effort to attract all sorts of different people. Don’t expect me to slam the choice of Pitbull, Jason Mraz, Rain, Baitoey or Kratae R-Siam. The first three names are crowd-drawers here and were needed to bring in the volume. The Korean-inspired luk thung starlets were actually a smart booking, too; they worked the novelty angle which ultimately paid off because so many people made the effort to go see them perform live.

Including Korean and Japanese pop stars on the bill and scheduling them earlier in the day also worked well as the festival ended up accommodating two distinct waves, since the K-poppers and J-fans headed for the exits as soon as Rain left the stage. What I didn’t agree with, however, was the way the organisers neglected promising new indie bands as well as the rock titans, two additional strands which, I think, would have helped swell the numbers in attendance. The has-beens and middle-of-the-road bands couldn’t cut it and it would be wiser to keep up with global music trends and keep a finger on the the pulse (who’s hot and who’s not). Even if the young indie or experimental bands didn’t rack up more ticket sales, including them would be a good display of musical taste and understanding. The selection of local bands was also rather poor, especially as far as smaller combos were concerned.

Most of the participants put on full shows and this worked out fine as long as the artists in question were performing well. Rain, fresh from completing his period of military service, was enjoyable with his perfected dance moves and vocal delivery. Once Pitbull hit the stage the crowd was transformed into a dancing, heaving, screaming mass. It was good that he brought a full complement of musicians along, even though the musical details went missing from time to time. It was a simple, fun show, just right for the RCA crowd. Jason Mraz packed the main hall with his overwhelmingly positive vibes, leaving Placebo, who played at the same time, a little under-attended _ which was a shame, as it was a tight set with an amazing sound system to boot.

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3 Responses to “[article][festival review] Sonic Bang’s respectable debut.”

  1. Thanks for posting this review. It was very interesting. Hopefully they invite Bi next year as I am not too far from Thailand !


  2. Good review, I have a better understanding of how event went. They should have a better idea for future events. You live and learn in life and keep doing until you get it right


  3. Thanks for posting this review. I now have a clearer idea of what Sonic Bang was really like. It does kinda suck if you are an artist who’s not necessarily known to the masses. It’s kind of “in your face” what your popularity quotient really is. If that sort of thing matters. I’m sure no matter how organizers plan, people are only going to see who they came to see…no getting around that. I do agree with the reviewer, the proof is most likely in the “placement” details more so than a groups popularity. Although, popularity would dictate to a degree who gets to perform on the “grown-up sized” stage as opposed to the “kiddie sized” stage.

    They may also want to look at the time of day certain fans are likely to come out too. Rain’s fans and somebody like Pitbull…their fans are gonna want to party at night. Your lesser known bands may have to take the day time hours. Definitely don’t have two huge names going head to head, cause egos might get bruised when the people crowd to one particular artist. LOL! Oh well, I’m sure they’ll work it out for future festivals.


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