Somebody tells you Rain doesn’t own the stage…?

43(10)~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Well…they be lyin’.  Really.

You want proof?  Okay, well, here ya go.

They scream…when he dances.9d2a61520a0f079ee940810c26de203d

They scream…when he puts on his cap.SonicBangRain_RainingAllDay

Or…his sunglasses.803074253

They scream… when he takes off his jacket  (Hm.  I can’t imagine why…)1229943_623196214379743_527511695_n

They scream…when he licks his lips.BSc1qO0CMAANgiH

Or…smiles.  (There’s that tongue again!  Mercy me.)78(0)

They scream…when he’s stylin’.32724e57aa2694dfe1400713b265720b


They scream…when he flashes ’em a heart.1004514_539792369427301_1405121873_n

Or..those golden abs of his.  RainSonicBangAbs08242013

Yep.  There it is, Clouds.  Proof that the rest of 2013—and beyond—is gonna be one helluva ride.

His name is:558029_623069637725734_949747374_n

And he’s BACK!1187078_623196327713065_40459525_n

~ by Cloud USA on August 25, 2013.

13 Responses to “Somebody tells you Rain doesn’t own the stage…?”

  1. Darn it! I forgot to say they scream when he just stands there and LOOKS at them. LOL.

    Terri :-}


  2. Thanks to all the Clouds that night who were there to support Bi. It was fantastic and great seeing Bi smiling again….it nearly got me teary eyed…


  3. yup he’s back! Clouds are always around!


  4. Rain owning the stage?……..that sucker was “PAID IN FULL” years ago by “dem” magic feet and a whole lot of other Bi goodness!!

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  5. Damn he looked so darn sexy and hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can totally tell he was so happy performing!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see all he has instore for us this year!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy he is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lucky-LuCkY fans who got to see this performance! Rain just being himself and doing what he does best-Entertaining! So happy for him =)




    • Yes, we cannot say that LOUDLY ENOUGH. COME do a concert tour across the U.S.A. We need a ZEPP Tour of our own, dammit. Although that would likely cost me a fortune. Hehehe.

      Terri :-}


  8. It is so good to see him dancing again! I was so worried when he hurt his back way back when and the military didn’t really give him a break, but he manned up and did his duty, literally and figuratively. But this is so exciting! I’m so glad he’s back and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to bring us!


  9. Well said and it’s all the truth.. I was there.. I can validate all mentioned here are the truth… he wants to please his fans? They wanted to make him happy seeing them.. we keep on saying… owh such a big group in Hall 3 for Rain’s show, he’ll be happy to see us… keep on this mantra till he came up the stage and gosh.. he really smiles his sweet charming smile when he saw the crowd… Glad to say I’m one of the CLOUD!!!


    • N unnie,

      I’m so jealous! Lucky you! I’m not even going to ask you if you had a great time, because I know you did.

      I’m delighted that Rain had such a good turnout for his show. (Of course, I wouldn’t have expected anything less.)

      Thank you for the comment. ♥

      Terri :-}


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