4 Responses to “[fan account] It is said that there was a Rain sighting in Korea today. :)”

  1. It is good to hear Rain still likes my fav colors–white and black! With the smile and handshake–I’ll vote 100% for Rain working on his 2nd 10 years in the industry!! Good update.


  2. Good to hear that he was smiling and in a good mood. Yay.

    Terri :-}


  3. An interview a few days ago and now a fan sighting! Looks like Rain is comfortably getting back into the routine of being a celebrity! I’m glad he looked well and was in a good mood. Seems like he is doing well now. I would LOVE to have seen a picture of him in all black, sunglasses with some hair slightly spiked. Rain looking mighty cool.


  4. Wow! Thank you for this news! I’m so glad that somebody saw him alive, healthy and smiling. And with broad shoulders lol


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