[articles] Ministry of Defense on Rain: No, no, he won’t go.

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When I first saw THIS CRAP (sorry, YOU asked for that, LOL) yesterday, I just turned my head the other way and kept it moving throughout my busy day. (Why would soldiers have to re-enlist because the ARMY didn’t do its OWN paperwork? Huh?) There had been a bit of a lull in the latest Rain witch hunt attempts, and so I knew that it was about time for another turd nugget to come sliding down the hopper from the South Korean media.

(*sigh* Yep. When it gets a little too quiet, just put your hand on the toilet handle and get ready to flush. LMAO)

What is weird as hell to me is how nutty-zens can think someone should have to re-enlist for three episodes of miscellaneous misconduct next to 640 days of full-fledged service. Not only does that show that they haven’t the sense to actually read up on what they’re talking about, it also shows that many of them are simply sheep going along with what they consider the “popular” opinion (particularly the ones who aren’t even South Korean). It’s sooo “cool” to be angry at Rain. Wheels turning, hamsters dead. Go figure. *shrug* ^@@^



Kukmin News 8/7/2013 — [English translation by 화니]

It Does Not Make Sense To make Rain Join The Army Again

Military officials expressed on the 7th, “Entertainment soldiers including Rain were recently embroiled in controversy, but Rain has made it through his military service normally. It does not make sense to make him join the army again.”

And, “You can’t urge him to join the army again just because he acted in bad faith. In terms of ethics, he may deserve to be criticized, but it was found that he had never done anything wrong or illegal during the investigation. He was discharged from the army with the consequence that.”

Continuing, “Rain joined the army and normally finished his military service. He was disciplined for violating military rules during a date with actress ‘Kim Tae-Hee’ early this year, and thereafter it was found that there was nothing to connect him with an incident where some entertainment soldiers broke the rules.”

Rain served as an assistant instructor in the 5th Division after his enlistment in October, 2011. After that, he was transferred to the Defense Media Agency in March, 2012. Since then, he had served as an entertainment solider there.
But, when his romance with actress ‘Kim Tae-Hee’ was released to the media last January, he was criticized for his frequent outing and sleeping out, drawing the crabs from the netizens.

Crucially, he was discharged from the army on the 10th of last month, being embroiled in more controversy when some entertainment soldiers’ slackened discipline shown on a current affairs TV show last June, arose controversy.

Source: Kukmin news
English translation by 화니


So, as I said back in my previous article HERE, there had to be a mistake somewhere…

Seeing as we all watched the DEMAclub video of Rain’s interview back in March 2012, when he did it. And that DEMA confirmed in the press when he filled out his paperwork. Hello? Does everyone have selective amnesia? Sheesh. ^@@^


Allkpop 8/7/2013 — by starsung

Ministry of Defense states Rain cannot be forced to re-enlist

Although Rain has already been discharged, political circles as well as netizens have been calling for his re-enlistment along with other celebrity soldiers who were said to have become celebrity soldiers without all the necessary documents.

In response, the Ministry of Defense has stepped up to point out that the matter at hand is not something that should be thought of with re-enlistment in mind as the solution. They reason that although it is true that there were some documents that were not included when bringing Rain in as a celebrity recruit, this was due to different interpretations on the regulations about what documents were necessary for the celebrity soldier qualification process. For example, the regulation is said to call for a confirmation note and a letter of recommendation regarding the celeb’s activities – however some interpret this to mean that just the confirmation note alone is enough while others might think that it means a letter of recommendation is also required in addition to the confirmation note.

They also reasoned that this is just a discrepancy in the matter of Rain transferring into the celebrity recruit unit, not a problem that exists with his actual enlistment into the military. Since they say there was no problem with Rain’s actual enlistment, he cannot be called to re-enlist.

A rep from the Ministry of Defense commented, “Rain already finished his military service and was discharged as normal, so for him to ‘re-enlist’ means that we must consider all the duties he carried out during his service as invalid.”

Another rep stated, “Rain’s re-enlistment is impossible. Rain, as well as other celebrity soldiers who have been discharged, have all lawfully completed their service… Unless a violation has occurred within military service law [regarding enlistment], we cannot force re-enlistment.”

Source: Star News via Nate, Newsen via Nate, Sports Seoul via Nate

~ by Cloud USA on August 7, 2013.

19 Responses to “[articles] Ministry of Defense on Rain: No, no, he won’t go.”

  1. Leave Rain the hell alone. He is the money-maker for S. Korea and has the whole world noticing and recognizing K-pop. I didn’t know anything about Korean entertainers until I saw Rain. If they keep pushing him, he may leave Korea and further his talent and entertain somewhere else. We would love to have you in the U.S. Rain, don’t stress that, whatever comes your way, handle it like you handle everything else, like a MAN!!! Love you Rain.


  2. Un-freakin’-believable, they just won’t leave our RainRain alone


  3. Sheep going along with popular opinion is absolutely accurate. The mob mentality was alive and well that day. The insanity to expect these men to reenlist because people think they should was beyond me. For them to even think that their judgement is validation enough for men who have completed their legal service to just reenlist is dumbfounding. Or for them to think their judgment is condemning enough that if Rain does not reenlist voluntarily his career is over is even more absurd.


  4. I saw that article and to tell the truth I saw RED but then thought that it was IMPOSSIBLE that the military made Rain enlist again! So I just waited for you girls to hear the story from you. This is why Rain needs to get some time off. I understand he’s going crazy wanting to meet his fans and stand in a stage again but really, he should lay low for a while. To give you an example, Lee Jung Ki, he waited three months to go back to dramas after doing his military duty. Hyun Bin has taken some time too even when his military duty was peaceful, so Rain should take time to travel, share time with his family, unwind and let this mess go down. Seriously, I feel awful for him cuz any of this stupid mess is his fault but because of his previous incident, he’s being dragged into it. I hope he’s hanging on and receiving the support of family and friends during this difficult time. Sighh :/


    • Lee Jung Ki did a great job in Arang and the Magistrate. Loved that series.


    • I agree with you Mari 100%. As much as I want to see him, like you I really, really, really think he doesn’t need to be in the public right now. Just lay low Honey Love. We Clouds will always be here. We’ve been here throughout your two years away and we will be here when “it’s safe to come out and play” again. There’s just a malevolence in the air that unknown persons keep stirring up and it’s like they have dug in their heels and just won’t relent. You would think they’ve been “thumped” on the forehead enough. I would submit to that person(s), however, that good USUALLY triumphs over evil.

      IMHO, when someone makes it their mission to destroy another human being, that’s considered evil doing….nothing good about it. However, what “evil” doesn’t know is that when the person you are trying to destroy is “God protected”….you can Never win in the long run. (*not to go on a spiritual rant…..but, it’s what I believe at least*). Right now I know Bi has got to be mentally weary. So please….take that time alone that you want and just chill. Refresh your mind, write some new songs, create some new dance moves, play with the General….just release all this BS from your spirit. Then come back and blow their evil @ss minds out of the water!


  5. Okay. This is absolutely insane. I just saw this news this evening and I’ve read it several times and I’m still completely baffled as to how 3 dates and no hat could ever constitute re-enlistment due to dereliction of duty, which is what it should take for someone to have to suffer a complete “do over.”

    Good grief. How stupid.

    Terri :-}


  6. There are some real mean
    Korean netizens out there itching for a fight with Clouds. Rain did his duty to his country and was overworked to boot. I would launch a counter attack against Rain-haters.


  7. Thank God and military in South Korea. not to be influenced by citizens: intrigosos, pathetic media and opportunistic politicians who use many unwary, to carry out its task and then discarded like trash. came to the fore that our dear rain has an enemy behind him at all costs wanted the rain head on a silver platter esponerlo. But thank God, the Korean army, do not allow this injustice against rain. reflection: intrigosos citizens who wanted to do terrible damage to the rain. “People tend to be curious to know the lives of others and neglected to correct his own life,”
    stefhen thanks for your post. “fingers up”


  8. Good lord if I was that man, I swear I would leave Korea and NEVER look back. At this point, it’s not even about entertaining in other markets….it’s about having peace of mind. South Korean netizens remind me of “Goo Jun Pyo’s mother” (BOFs character). Her character was a viper who absolutely refused to let Jan Di (another character) have PEACE of mind even though she did nothing wrong. This is the same type of scenario with regard to “netizen psychos”, the mysterious one who lurks amongst news reporters and Bi.

    I’m like damn, ultimately Bi is just an entertainer. What could he have possibly done to make ANY one person hate him so much to keep this witch hunt going. Aren’t you tired mystery person(s)? Go live your life? Goodness knows I would not spend This Much time trying to ruin someone I didn’t care for. If I don’t like you, I just want to be away from you and you away from me. You go about your business and I go about mine…..that’s it. It takes too much time and energy to hate this much. Also, if DEMA forces Bi to re-enlist (which they should not) then as a military entity they would truly be showing signs of pure Weakness. A government entity that gives in to the “cries” of online crazies is not to be trusted. It’s hard enough to trust the government under normal circumstances. Honestly, if I was a citizen of Korea, then I would have to say to myself “how can I trust this military entity to keep me safe if it can so easily allow over zealous citizens to dictate its policies and procedures?


  9. OMG these people are crazy as hell!!!!!!!!!!! Rain is not perfect, he is human like everyone else. But hell he has not done anything that we know of that has been so awful. They are going at him like he is a straight up cereal criminal. It is not his faught that the military did not have him fill out all of the paper work when he changed his position basically. He served his time already. They need to get a life and let him live his life!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can Terri or Stephe or anyone please tell me if I have this correct:

    1. According to the video it showed several soldiers at dinner drinking and talking on cell phones correct? The reason those soldiers got in trouble was because they used cell phones correct? They did not get in trouble for drinking at the dinner correct?

    Also, Seven and the other guy got in trouble for leaving their hotel room and going to several massage palors without permission correct? They supposely did not have sex but received massages correct? This is considered AWOL correct?

    2. Was Rain at the dinner with the other soldiers or not?


    • Flower,

      (1) The soldiers (Rain included) all had permission that night to go out to dinner and casually socialize. It was their free time to do so. The video only showed the soldiers eating and having a few drinks at the dinner table. I don’t recall any phone usage being shown on the video. However, KCM got into trouble for going back to retrieve his cell phone that he accidentally left at the dinner table (that still blows my mind).

      (2) Se7en and Sangchu got in trouble because they went back out after they went back to their rooms following dinner. They did not have permission to go back out to do anything. This is what was considered being AWOL. As far as I know, they were only accused of going to one specific massage parlor called “Happy Endings.”

      (3) Rain did not have dinner with his fellow troop mates, Rain had dinner with his superiors that night (verified by his superior officers) and afterwards he returned to his hotel room and stayed there. He is only seen on video briefly walking through the parking lot near where the other soldiers had dinner. That’s it.


      • @bialamode thank you for your helpful response!

        1. I did not know KCM got in trouble for going back to get his cell phone. I thought he wasn’t in trouble. The video do show him going back to get his cell phone. That is stupid because he wasn’t caught using it. I do remember the video showing soldiers in their casual clothes on the street on their cell phones. Also, from one of the articles recently posted on here said the soldiers had gotten in trouble for using cell phones. So I am assuming the soldiers had permission to drink and that is why they did not get into trouble for drinking.

        2. Yes I remember now that it was one massage parlor.

        3. I thought I had read that Rain was not at the dinner with his fellow troop mates. That he had dinner with his supervisors. And like you said he went back to his hotel and stayed there. The video only shows him briefly saying something to KCM in the parking lot on his way back to his hotel room. At that same time KCM turned and went back to get his cell phone from the resturant.


    • Oh, one more thing…………………

      In answer to sex or no sex. Nobody knows the answer to that question definitively Flower. Only the men involved do. They were only seen on video coming out of the massage parlor. We’re all adults here or at least most of us are. These were grown men going to a “massage” parlor in the early, early morning hours. C’mon now….they didn’t go just for someone to rub their neck and shoulders. We can all take a pretty good guess as to what took place. However, no one outside of that place has proof of the inside happenings, so it’s best if we just leave it there. The bottom line is Se7en and Sangchu have paid/are paying the price for their transgressions. The rest of the scandal details, as we’ve come to understand them, are listed on Stephe’s previous military scandal posts.


      • @bialamode LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! GIrl I totally know what probably happened in that so called message parlor. I was just saying what I had read in an article posted here. There is no exact proof that all they got was actual messages on their neck and shoulders. But come on they are grown adult men in the military. WIth know regular contact with a female, so yeah anyway!!!!! But maybe they did get a message, it was just on a lower part of their body, LOL!!!!!!!!!!


  10. This witch hunt has got to stop. I saw that story last night and was like WTF? Leave this poor man alone! Now I’m worried for his comeback. Sigh.


  11. I hope and want this ends quickly.
    I want to see he back but without this things around of him and I hope this don’t interfere in your life both personal and professional.


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