[clips] The official Japanese Cloud (Rain Japan Official Site) is getting a revamp.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

When we used to visit Cloud Japan’s official site (which, as many of you recall, was opened by Rain himself and J.Tune, with MBLAQ in tow, at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A in December 2009—yes, he was in the middle of the Legend of Rainism Tour AND promoting Ninja Assassin at the same time, WOW), we used to see this (screenshots below). I never got completely inside because you had to be an official member and, of course, Japanese, but I could tell it was a really nice site. (The name then was J.Tune Camp Rain Japan Official Site, so many people thought it was J.Tune’s personal site instead of the Japanese Clouds’ home.)

(Courtesy of raineyes82 / manloverain)

They had him sing “Three Bears” and do the Moonwalk. ROFL! 🙂

When Rain became a free agent, before military, J.Tune’s name was taken off of the site and RAINY took over, much the same way as it had with the official Korean Cloud site.




Today, when I went over to check on Cloud Japan’s status, all of the above was gone. You see only this notice:


Looks like Jung JiHoon is doing major renovations on the Rain Japan Official Website, after four years.

Good for you, Japanese Cloud sisters. Thumbs up, Rain! 🙂 ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on August 2, 2013.

4 Responses to “[clips] The official Japanese Cloud (Rain Japan Official Site) is getting a revamp.”

  1. Hi Rain ,
    My name Hanna from United Arab Emirates… I’m one of your biggest fans in arabic country , You have fans from All Arab countries so we hope to have an ( Rain Arab official site)


  2. Love it saw it and I think its great. Should let all clouds have access to it that way we can be more united. Love cloud USA since we don’t have one in PR.


  3. Now i have an even better reason to learn japanese!! 😉


  4. CONGRATULATIONS! The great work on the discharge day is rewarded!


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