[images][fan cams][clips] Blast from the past #213.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Hot. Sexy. Swaggalicious. Cute. Adorable. Innocent. Fun. Gracious. Humble. Silly. Flirty. Naughty. Prince Charming. All of these words describe Rain at his 2007 global 5th Cloud fan meeting in Seoul (hosted by his close hyung and one of my favorite MCs, Kim JaeDong) and during his KBS interview. Enjoy. 🙂


This news clip is awesome in that it includes so many facets of the man. He describes the way his fans react when they see him on the street according to their ages, with JaeDong playing the part of Rain and Rain playing the part of the fan. Hilarious! (And he’s right, haha.) And LORD, he was really working that poor, flustered, cute little interviewer over. Naughty Rain! “Are we on a date? Shouldn’t we finish the interview first?” LOL! His five reasons for living: 1) for his future children, 2) for his family, 3) for the people who got him where he is today, 4) for his fans, and 5) to eat. And there’s more. (Clip credit: KBS / courtesy of gracious88)

(Fan cam credit: Katherine Wang)

(Fan cam credit: selena27)

(Fan cam credit: Heecho)

This includes a quick glimpse of the fans who got to perform as Rain and Crew on stage. (Clip source credit: ETN / courtesy of worldcloud)

(Poor Rain was like, OMG! *headfist* kekekeke^^)


(Gallery images source credit: various media)







(No matter how the camera catches him, he always has perfect position and the grace of a cat. HOW does he do that? ^@@^)


~ by Cloud USA on July 29, 2013.

3 Responses to “[images][fan cams][clips] Blast from the past #213.”

  1. They touch his butt?! Omg! That’s to much. Hahahahahahaha… See I get if they’d touch his hand, arm or back because of who he is but he must get a little creeped out. I’m sure he’s use to it but still…. Jihoon dude I feel for ya. Also it’s good to see for international clouds everything was interpreted. He such a sweetie.


  2. He lives for (#1) on the list…..his future children. Well, Tae Hee you better get them Huggies ready girl. *Just saying*


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