[images] Rain check. (And Random Rain Goodness.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Michele had to purchase a second suitcase in order to bring her Rain stash, bought in Seoul, home to the States last week, haha. 🙂 As you may recall, she flew to South Korea to soak up the culture and support Rain at his official Army discharge on July 10. (Images credit: Michele DeMarco @Your Daily K-Shot of Hot)




Let us break in here with some RRG from Macao in 2009, shall we? (Images credit: RainingAllDay)









Asia Al Dia (Asia Daily) out of Lima, Peru, reports that Rain is returning to the stage at the Sonic Bang Festival in August. The last time we saw Rain in Asia Daily, he was one of the 12 sexist singers in K-Pop, back in June. ^@@^ [Image credit: Gloria @Cloud Peru / Cloud Peru (RainPeruFans) @Facebook.]



Have you all seen Cloud Thailand’s Sonic Bang T-shirt design? If not, here it is. Nice! 🙂 (Image courtesy of RainAngel)  Note:  We just received word from Cloud Thailand’s admin that the image shared was an older design.  There is a newer version.  Once we receive an image of the new design, we will share it with you all here.  Thanks, Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on July 29, 2013.

6 Responses to “[images] Rain check. (And Random Rain Goodness.)”

  1. Hi there
    I’m Jiida, one of Rain’s Cloud Thailand Fanpage admin. I’m here to acknowledge you guys that those Cloud Thailand T-Shirt pics here are the old version and we have nothing participate with that. [the profit is individual, also] but the thing is she canceled this project awhile ago because it against the Sonic Bang License, so we decided to recreate the new version instead and the profit will support Rain’s Cloud Thailand Fanpage activities.
    Sincerely, Jiida Sommaew [MidnightMimosa]


  2. We’re very sorry for this photo of T-Shirt not design from Rain’s Cloud Thailand & Sonic Bang agent. We still making in project not finish yet .. Thanks for delete this picture.


  3. Oh Michele you have got to share…. lol


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