[past article][From Stephe’s desk] Of an ultra soldier, an interview, and a firm request.

I trust that this needs no introduction. I wasn’t just spinning tall tales in my post yesterday. He didn’t want to leave the Infantry, but he had little to no choice in transferring to where his reputation would suffer the most. What a horrible position to be in, knowing that the public will blame you for the change. 😦

Funnily enough, just like the DEMAclub blog post of Rain’s February 2012 interview, the source page for this February 2012 article is no longer up on Nate. How convenient. Harudo11 of Cloud Hungary jogged my memory about this article. Thanks, dear. 🙂  ^@@^



Sports Hankook 2/22/2012 — [English translation by 화니]

Rain’s position will be changed from a teaching assistant to an entertainment soldier

Singer and actor Rain’s position will be changed from a teaching assistant belonging to a recruit training center to an entertainment soldier belonging to the Publicity Department as part of the Ministry of Defense.

One of Rain’s own aides said on the 22nd, “Rain told me, when he took a leave, that his position might have to be changed. Since the Publicity Department made a firm request that he should become an entertainment soldier, he seemed to be determined to change his position.”

Rain’ll be assigned to the Publicity Department on the 24th after being interviewed for a post as an entertainment soldier on the 23rd.

Rain enlisted last October 11th, was selected as an ultra warrior doing outstanding work with an excellent physical strength, and received a citation signed by the divisional when the presentation of certificates took place in a recruit training center belonging to the 5th Division. He has served in a recruit training as a teaching assistant since the boot training.

Credit to Sports Hankook http://news.nate.com/view/20120222n25567
English translation by 화니

~ by Cloud USA on July 26, 2013.

4 Responses to “[past article][From Stephe’s desk] Of an ultra soldier, an interview, and a firm request.”

  1. Why does he have to be one or the other, why can’t he have both titles? He was successful doing both so he should get the credit and have both titles. Rain, don’t sweat that, you know you were the best at both and your fans know too, Love you Rain.


  2. Dear Stephe!

    I’m happy if I can help for Rain and for you to clarify this unfortunate situation. Thank you that you mentioned my reminder.

    With love,


  3. Hey, all stories can’t be “wiped” clean from the internet. The truth will always prevail. Eventually……………………………


  4. It is clear Rain was genuine in his intention to serve his country and enlisted to do his best. I sure the were others who just wanted to use his name and fame. Well is clear they have to stop this nonsense cause they are looking very badly. I’m glad Clouds understand this and don’t let themselves be fooled by bad press. I truly believe in Rain and support him right along with Cloud USA.. Gia


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