[article][info] Cube Entertainment: Rain one of many artists in Sonic Bang Festival.

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Now that this information has been confirmed by Cube (and we have a moment to breathe), we can put this up.

And before some nutty-zen or dim-witted reporter asks the question, if it hasn’t been asked already… Yes, YES, Rain has every right to get back to work if he so chooses, regardless of soldier scandals or anything else that’s going on in the military right now. The man just went through two years of earning $80. a MONTH. Bump the military, and bump waiting for the public’s “permission”, as if people will ever be satisfied! Folks have to eat and bills need to continue being paid. Don’t be ridiculous. ^@@^



Star News 7/19/2013 — [English translation by 화니]

Rain’ll put on a great joint show in Thailand in August

Singer and actor Rain will put on a great joint show in Thailand upcoming August.

According to his management agency ‘Cube Entertainment’ on the 18th, Rain will have a performance at Sonic Bang, the best music festival in Thailand, on August 24th, which features many famous Korean and foreign musicians including Korea’s Epik High, the U.S.’s top hip hop group ‘Far East Movement’ where a Korean-American member belongs, Jason Mraz, etc.

This will be Rain’s first performance after his two years of military service last 10th, which attracts fans’ attention. However, Cube Entertainment said, “The schedule of the concert was set out before Rain’s contracts with Cube, so this concert doesn’t have very much to do with what he makes his comeback.”

Continuing, “He hasn’t even started working on an album yet. He’ll begin to work in earnest after getting some rest as it hasn’t been long since he was discharged from the army.”

Cube Entertainment officially announced that Rain had newly signed on with the agency at the end of May.

Credit to My Daily’s Star News : http://news.nate.com/view/20130719n13858
English translation by 화니

(Source credit: becteroconcertevent @YT.)

(Festival timetable. Source credit: SonicBang.net)


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10 Responses to “[article][info] Cube Entertainment: Rain one of many artists in Sonic Bang Festival.”

  1. I’m excited that Rain will be on a stage twice in the month of August. There is the fan meet and Sonic Bang. So Clouds have two opportunities to see him either in person or via fan cams/photos. Then we will be into September and hopefully his “official” comeback will be underway with him working on new material. I agree Stephe that Rain needs to get back to work. Not just to earn some “bread and butter” but for his own sanity too. Getting back into work will probably be good for him instead of sitting around for weeks waiting for……..whatever people want Rain to wait for. I don’t know……a more “favorable” landscape is the impression I get that people around Rain are waiting for. Whatever…..Rain just get back to doing what you love to do.


  2. Yay! RAIN IS BACK!


  3. I want to go so badly if I can’t . Will cloud USA get us film


    • Now that’s what I’m talking about! Will streaming be available? If Rain goes on stage at Saturday 6:30 pm Korean time that would be somewhat about 6:30 pm EST in OH USA?


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