[article 3][from Stephe’s desk] A BAD writeup: RoK Defense Ministry shuts down DEMA’s PR Unit.


Why is this one bad? Easily explained.

After starting off just fine with a title that is true and two decent sentences, it abruptly veers off into left field where everything plaguing the Military, celebrity soldiers, and the country of South Korea in general is all Rain’s fault. Which is a complete load of crap.

Se7en is a grown man, not in elementary school. Him recently losing his ever loving mind, getting caught trying to get his “car” waxed after a military show, and getting into a tussle with an SBS reporter is all Se7en’s fault and no one else’s, certainly not Rain’s, who was properly asleep, an example that Se7en should have followed. DEMA not providing the proper support for their charges and being irresponsible supervisors is the reason the PR Unit is being shut down. Rain wasn’t even involved in SBS’s big story, though they tried to put him in it. Rain is only responsible for his indiscretions with Kim TaeHee seven months ago, which does contribute to the result but is not the cause of it, or the PR Unit’s demise would have happened seven months ago. You would think that people would at least give Rain credit for keeping his word not to get in any more trouble through the end of his service.

Ah, yes… let me kick SBS’s hindquarters for a minute.

I had always thought you were pretty much a respectable news joint, SBS—until now. Until you signed off on your Special Celebrity Soldier Task Force intentionally marketing its Big Story as if Rain was in it and as if Rain had done something wrong to screw the end of his service, which he hadn’t. I’m sure your faces were pretty crunchy when you saw that he was not with the other soldiers traipsing around town, having dinner and drinks, sneaking out at 4 AM in search of a Happy Ending. That must have really pissed you off, that his discharge was coming up and you had nothing. Incredibly, even big fish Se7en and Sangchu with their hands in the cookie jar wasn’t a lucky enough score to appease you.


You tried to keep up the Rain illusion by sprinkling his military picture throughout your nebulous follow-up reports that 1) didn’t even name particular celebrity soldiers in the footage, that 2) supposedly showed where celebrity soldiers lived, that 3) got a statement from a guy who wasn’t even mature enough not to be bitter in front of the camera because he wasn’t famous like a celeb soldier (biased much?), and that 4) got a hazy statement from a woman who didn’t name anyone when entertainment soldiers allegedly “groped” and “abused” her and other women at a party. (Seriously? After what “Trainee A” did to Park ShiHoo, we don’t just swallow stuff like that without question, pun intended.)

What really pegged you as scuzzy, though, was this: A huge K-Pop star in the military was found at a massage parlor on the 21st, and the footage held back for FOUR DAYS. Were you trying to figure out the most effective way to edit it? Did you not only want to ruin your country’s military patriotism on the anniversary of the day the Korean war started, but also Rain’s birthday by airing it on the 25th (two birds with one stone)? Oh, let’s draw the rest of the story out over the next two weeks and end it the day before Rain is discharged, to keep everyone on their toes and cause him grief. *tsk tsk*

When Colonel Wi revealed during the official investigation that you hadn’t followed Rain anywhere because Rain was with the higher-ups that night, I’m sure your heads exploded. We knew then that you had indeed been playing ratings games with Rain’s name. How embarrassing. The man couldn’t even eat with his bosses and go back to his room to bed without being wrongly accused of something. (Funny that your ace reporter ended up leaving your Special Celebrity Soldier Task Force right after that, too. Hm. Yeah.)

All of that wasn’t even necessary. You could have blown the whistle on the PR Unit problems and called it a wrap, seeing as your report and Se7en’s shenanigans were enough to finally get the Defense Ministry to fold. But hey—it’s not a total loss for you in the Rain department. Other news sources like the one below and some nutty netizens are now blaming Rain for the dissolution of the PR Unit, for Se7en’s misconduct, for the droughts and the floods that are devastating the earth, because of you. So pat yourselves on the back.

(Oh, that might have been more than a minute. LOL)


Dear Nocut News, don’t you worry your pretty little head over Rain’s “tarnished image.” We have it on good authority that this extraordinary entertainer—who came out of one of the hardest boot camps in the Army as a super soldier, was always a top scorer in Infantry exercises, earned one of the hardest military positions to get, impressed his commanders by being disciplined and not leaning on his celebrity, and served at the DMZ near the North Koreans before DEMA came sniffing—is not quite so hated by the people of South Korea or the soldiers he left behind as the unscrupulous Korean Media would have us believe.

Rain’s good far outweighs his bad. He served 15 hardworking months before making his mistake, sincerely apologized, and spent his last seven months staying clean and trying to make up for it. That will go a long way with the people who count, real people, despite bottom-feeding Korean journalists who clearly have no ethics, are not interested in the truth, and were complicit in ruining his Army release just for fun. Stephe ^@@^



Nocut News 7/18/2013 — [English translation by 화니]

Now Rain is the final entertainment soldier

After Rain’s discharge, it is quickly decided in the military that the entertainment soldier system will be abolished.

16 years after a system of entertainment soldier was instituted, the Defense Ministry has decided that they will abolish the system, and therefore now Rain is the final entertainment soldier of the Defense Media Agency, part of the Defense Ministry.

Ironically Rain has played no small part in its decision. The immediate cause of the decision is the exposure of the fact that some entertainment soldiers have violated military rules. Following the crisis, the Defense Ministry has promised to abolish the system.

The Defense Ministry’s improper maintenance and entertainment soldiers breaking the rules were shown on a current affairs TV show only six months after the Defense Ministry’s announcement of detailed administrative guidelines for the system since a controversy over Rain’s violations of military rules in the process of dating actress ‘Kim Tae-Hee’, which infuriated the public. That’s why the system has been driven into abolition.

At last, Rain, who played no small part in the process of abolishing the entertainment soldier system, has been the final entertainment soldier to receive an honourable discharge from the army.

To restore his tarnished image in a situation where Korea is very sensitive to the issues of the military, it seems to be urgent for Rain to be poised to make a significant breakthrough to another level.

Credit to Nocut news http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=106&oid=079&aid=0002492370
English translation by 화니

~ by Cloud USA on July 21, 2013.

10 Responses to “[article 3][from Stephe’s desk] A BAD writeup: RoK Defense Ministry shuts down DEMA’s PR Unit.”

  1. I totally agree Lotusrain. Stephe is right on!!!


  2. Ah, if only I didn’t have to care about the minors who read this blog. I stand by my statement on an earlier post (you know the one….SMILES). I really, really, really want to give the Korean media a “dressing down” too but I feel my language may be a tad too colorful. My language would be like a rainbow on steroids. However, I’ll go back to an earlier statement I made several military posts back. Korea SHOULD see Rain’s hindquarters (as you say)….as he gives it a resounding Smack at the airport to “Anywhere Far, Far Away” land.

    Honey Love they really “love” you…that’s what it is…..they’ve got too. Anybody, who spends THIS MUCH time concentrating on ONE individual is either completely “in love” ( in a suspended animation kinda way) Or just completely Damned cray-cray……with a capital CRAY. Loony, Loco, Psycho……and my personal favorite NUTS…..which…..(*Naw, I won’t say it……but good lord I want too!*).


  3. They can keep talking smack for all I care. There will Never be a Soldier as Good as Rain. No matter what you say the world is filled with Clouds that await JJH.


  4. It seems that Korea’s media is just as jacked up as the U.S.’s. Media all over the world seems to think it should be the spin on individuals lives. I’m sure Mr. Jung takes all this as ordinary media business. Good thing he has these clouds on his side keeping his back. Keep on them, Stephe . He did his duty. He deserves some rest without headaches like this.


    • I will, Carlissa.

      I want everybody out there sounding off and making their voices heard at the same time. It’s not about winning an argument, just putting holes in all the lies. (And yeah, this is old hat to Rain, though it’s got to still hurt like a mutha.)

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. This is just pure comedy….is it that hard to do a write up without throwing Rain’s name in the mix?!…..in every article and blaming him for everything? Rain’s only mistake was the whole thing with Kim Tae Hee, however and not to offend any Se7en fans…..wasn’t as crazy as the happy endings with Se7en. Just saying….


  6. If only we could plaster this on every billboard in S.Korea. Perfection Stephe🌻


  7. You better work it out! Love it, love it! ^.^


  8. Thank. You. ! *with two snaps up*


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