[article 2][from Stephe’s desk] An okay writeup: RoK Defense Ministry shuts down DEMA’s PR Unit.


Why is it just okay? One reason.

Abuse of power: The act of using one’s position of power in an abusive way. This can take many forms, such as taking advantage of someone, gaining access to information that shouldn’t be accessible to the public, or just manipulating someone with the ability to punish them if they don’t comply.

— BusinessDictionary.com

In order to abuse power, you’ve got to have some to begin with.

Rain was a corporal at the bottom of the food chain, left danging from a rope while working on DEMA projects off-post, not provided a proper escort OR proper transportation by his irresponsible bosses. He was a normal guy who did what any soldier with half a chance would do—kill two birds with one stone. Yes, it was wrong to get rides from his girl. Yes, it was a serious violation. He apologized profusely for his misconduct, took the heat and the humiliation of being repeatedly dragged through the mud, promised to keep his nose clean for the remainder of his military time, and did just that. The man made a very human mistake. His actions weren’t pure evil or dictatorial. (He took less days of vacation than a regular soldier. The “hat violation” was straight up bullsh!t. Media sources have done nothing but lie and ignore reports of overworked PR agents. Save the over-the-top phrases for people like Kim JongUn.)

To this article’s credit, it does present an image of Se7en as is proper, seeing as his scandal and the exposé on the PR Unit as a whole is what has caused the shut down. And it does have the higher ups taking responsibility for this hot mess, as they should.

On a good note, hang in there, KCM. On the 31st, you are out of there. RUN, do not walk. — Stephe ^@@^



JPopAsia 7/18/2013 — written by Aysohmay

South Korean Army Dissolves Celebrity Recruit Program

Constant scandals involving celebrity recruits and their special promotional division within the South Korean military has caused the Ministry of Defense to get rid of the division.

The Ministry of Defense held a press conference on July 17 to announce the policy change. The military had been investigating the promotional department for the past two weeks and the role it played.

“The promotional department was established to promote the military and raise the morale of the troops, but due to unpleasant issues that have occurred, the military’s image has been tarnished,” a military spokesperson stated.

The celebrity recruit program, which was meant to boost soldiers’ morale, has hurt it instead, the spokesperson said.

Celebrity soldiers and the treatment they’ve received by the military has been a hot topic for South Koreans for years. Scrutiny has increased in recent years due to a string of high-profile scandals, such as Rain’s abuse of power and, most recently, SE7EN and Sangchu’s visit to an adult massage parlor.

“The public’s faith is important, but due to various problems with the [promotional department], we have only lost it instead of promoting the military,” the spokesperson said.

There are currently 15 celebrity soldiers in the military. Eight of them will be receiving punishment for their behavior and actions. The names of those being punished were not released.

Three of celebrity soldiers who have three months left in the military will reassigned to an active duty unit and will be treated like an ordinary soldier. The others will be reassigned on August 1st.

The celebrity recruit program was established in 1997. Celebrity soldiers regularly received special treatment and generally had an easier time compared to regular soldiers.

“We are sorry for causing citizens distress because of celebrity soldiers’ activities. We realize we must take responsibility for not adequately managing them,” the spokesperson said.

~ by Cloud USA on July 19, 2013.

28 Responses to “[article 2][from Stephe’s desk] An okay writeup: RoK Defense Ministry shuts down DEMA’s PR Unit.”

  1. God still don’t like ugly! RAIN IS BACK!


  2. So sorry, but all I see is that the DEMA did not guard and protect and provide necessary escort personnel to and from events. If this was done, there would have been no scandal as is being publicized. They need to punish themselves–fat chance–for not protecting their celebrity servicemen from paparazzi and other media blitzzers!! Shame on DEMA!!


  3. OMG! To the one that r given Jihoon oppa a hard time U need to leave him alone for real. Hony times dose the man need to say sorry REALLY! The onl reason They or the haters are given Jihoon  a hard time is because he is fameus.  GET OFF IT!


    • Jessica Kerr said: “GET OFF IT!”

      Hear hear, Jessica! I totally agree. And as one of Rain’s staunchest fans, I’m not going to sit back anymore and just watch everyone in Korea try to bring this guy down for no reason at all. Especially a guy who before Psy was even a blip on ANYONE’s radar made Korea shine brighter than anyone in the world.

      You’d better believe that Terri is about to give her take on this situation, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. But I want to make sure I choose my words carefully. So, I’m still mulling my article’s outline over. But it’s coming. I’m just that mad. Just wait.

      Terri :-}


  4. I just need to say one more thing. JiHoon who would gain the most if your shamed or God forbid your career ruined? This is the forest for the trees…. You know who he is.


    • Lotus,

      I am pretty sure that he knows who it is. But how to stop it? That’s the big question…

      Seriously, whenever someone is doing well, they are going to have haters. It’s inevitable. They say that if you’ve got haters, it’s an excellent sign that you are on top of your game.

      Ji-Hoon, looks like you’re doing spectacularly. LOL.

      Terri :-}


      • Yeah….. Well the thing is this person is extremely powerful, so I need to think hard on that on a legal standpoint? Because to do what’s being done to JiHoon this person as no scruples at all and is using a lot of avenues to mess with him.

        I do have thoughts….. But can’t go there. 😈 Kekeke

        However and I don’t know about their laws there but if Fugitive was correct undercover is illegal but so is the crap JiHoon is being put through. At least it should be plain and simple harassment.


  5. I can’t help but feel there’s someone in Your past still present JiHoon that keeps Stirring the pot and trying to cause you harm. Stay strong! I know you love your country but don’t allow your country to keep hurting you. Much love and respect my friend.


  6. I’m glad the military put an end to the entertainment unit. I don’t want my favorite male idols to be abused like they did with Rain. I don’t want their reputations and careers to be tarnished during their military service just because netizens envy them. This way idols can be regular soldiers like everybody else and do their service quietly without loosing their careers in the process! To tell the truth I’m worried about performers like Kim Jae Joong, Kim Junsu, GDragon, Top, Daesung and others that will enter the military soon and are targeted by netizens and other influencial people already. If the entertainment unit survive they will be easy prey to use and abuse! I rather not know about them for two years than see their careers get damage during their service. :/


    • Very true, Mari. This has also crossed my mind.

      The stupid thing is they could have done this 2 years ago, when all Rain wanted was to serve as a regular soldier in the Infantry. DEMA could have left him alone, but they didn’t. And now this is what he’s left with.

      Why the heck couldn’t Rain have been saved?? Ugh.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Well because the military wanted Rain badly to use his reputation as world star to their advantage!! I’m sure the military didn’t expected that things would go this bad and out of hand. They used Rain as PR spokesperson because he was known around the world but they abused Rain’s image and made people angry in the process. Then Rain got involved with Kim Tae Hee so things got more complicated. People used Rain’s mistake to show that the military was giving the entertainment unit privileges. We know that isn’t true, that he was burning himself up with work but people wanted to believe it so there’s was no way out for Rain and he paid the price. Sighh I don’t want a repeat of this situation, really, I don’t want to see another of my beloved boys burned at the stake for the military! Rain was enough trauma for me even when I know he’s strong! :/


  7. Let me tell you, netizens want Rain’s head in a spike so badly is not even funny! Allkpop posted an article with this info about the entertainment unit being eliminated and there were comments that really worried me. Netizens were asking for Rain to do the military service again, blaming him for Seven and company situation and even for the elimination of the entertainment unit! It’s awful! Of course I let them know my opinion, I said that I was thrilled that the entertainment unit was finished cuz I am! The military was using this unit as they pleased, for every activity they had. It was too much for the soldiers in it! I said that Rain was an instructor and should’ve stay there but was asked to join the unit. I talked about his back injury caused by all the activities he did. I hope they understand but I’m afraid netizens already judge and found Rain guilty! This is why Rain should lay low for a couple of months until netizens can’t accused him of doing career moves while in the military. That can’t happen, Rain shouldn’t give them reasons to be their target again! It could harm his career and future in Korea! 😦


  8. I’m glad KCM is getting out soon. Hope where ever he has been reassigned is a desk job until the 31st. He seemed like a great friend to Rain. Hope those celeb soldiers will not get too split up from each other and hopefully some will go to the same unit and maintain their friendships.


  9. I stopped reading after “Rain’s abuse of power”………HUH???? All I can say is the mysterious “they” (who lurk in the dark….in the newsroom) will continue to ABUSE Rain’s image/name until…..what…..he’s dead? Tell me, what power did Rain have truly? Was he even in the military that long to garner that kind of unmitigated power? Huh??

    I don’t understand how a person can continue to be “abused” by the media over and over and over again. Even, with the tiniest of statements. Jack @sses!!


  10. Btw, I love the cat pict. Just how I feel about it!!!!


  11. We know the abuse of power has come from the military on celebrities. Not the other way around. And Yes mismanagement from their side also. I just feel bad that now Rain will always be held in part responsible for this decision. I’m sure he is not feeling well about it.


    • It’s so unfair. Really, really unfair. How can 639 long days of voluntarily doing mandatory service in the MILITARY mean NOTHING in the face of one mistake that encompasses three days?

      What the hell is wrong with people’s minds? It took everyone less than TWO days to stop writing about Se7en caught at a house of ill repute while Rain was witch-hunted for getting a ride from his girl. If that isn’t clear evidence of straight-up prejudice against Rain, I don’t know what is.

      Yes, the higher ups in the military have been abusing their power against celebrity soldiers for a long time, using them until they’re half dead for all manner of things undisclosed to the public, and throwing the celebs under the bus when it’s necessary. And the few reporters who have been smart enough to notice haven’t even been listened to.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • The issue here Stephe is that somebody in the media has a huge jealousy against Rain and that person has made his day job to poison the rest of media people and Korean citizens against Rain. So far all these they tried and tried to tarnished his reputation but Rain was being really careful not to feed the media the wrong way. Unfortunately he got in the military and became a celebrity soldier which made him an easy target and bad luck for him, the media finally caught him doing something wrong. So what they? They made sure to make a huge big deal of it so people will never forget the only mistake he made.


        • Yep, because human beings are basically hypocrites. They pretend to be perfect and will condemn someone else to death when they themselves have done similar and worse.

          Stephe ^@@^


          • So true!!!! Bad media people spend their lives focusing on the bad side of humans beings behaviors than the beautiful side. And people feed into it. And why because majority of people spend money reading those crappy articles than the ones that enhance us as better human beings.


  12. Grrr.

    I feel a Terri’s Take coming on.

    Terri :-}


    • Be my guest, chingu. 🙂

      As for me, I’m nowhere near finished. Not even.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • The Korean media make me physically ill. My heart just breaks for JJH and the brutal assassination of his reputation. When evil finds these people it will be righteous payback. You can’t continue in life hurting and trying to ruin people without it coming back to you.


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