[article 1][from Stephe’s desk] A proper writeup: RoK Defense Ministry shuts down DEMA’s PR Unit.


And why is this a proper writeup?

I’ll tell you why.

Because it concentrates solely on the responsible party in this whole sordid mess—DEMA. The Big Wigs. The Brass. The higher-ups who make the rules and enforce them. Soldiers only do what they’re allowed to do, and that, my friends, is not an excuse but simply the bottom line. I dare say you do the same thing on your own jobs. We all do. It’s the human way. (No telling what perks netizens are getting over their own coworkers while flapping their gums about celebrity soldiers, haha.)

Another reason this writeup is proper: The screen cap shows THE straw that finally broke the camel’s back—Se7en and his midnight delight attempt. NOT Rain with Kim TaeHee seven months ago. Rain’s scandal and the ensuing witch hunt certainly didn’t help the situation, but the PR Unit wasn’t shut down seven months ago, now was it? (Matter of fact, I’ll bet you money it wouldn’t be shut down now at all if MassageParlorGate had not happened. Ante up.) And silly SBS made a valiant attempt, but looked really stupid when their Big Fish Rain wasn’t even involved in their Big Story. Sad. LOL — Stephe ^@@^


eNewsWorld 7/18/2013 — by Choi EunHwa / Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Ministry of Defense Announces It Will Close Down Its PR Unit

The Ministry of Defense announced that it would be closing down its PR unit.

The official briefing on the results of its audit and investigation was held on July 18.


A rep for the Ministry said, “We have decided to close down the PR unit as a result of the audit held on PR agents. We feel responsible for leaving the Defense Media Agency to cause trouble, and for not supervising the PR agents properly.”

The rep revealed the reason the Ministry decided to close down the unit was because it drove down morale and had already lost the trust of the people.

“The unit was meant to represent the military and foster morale, but it ended up harming the image of the military instead with its series of incidents, and drove down the morale of those soldiers currently serving their duties in their own units,” the rep said.

The rep added, “Also, the trust of the people is most important in its serving the military, but it has lost that trust from the Korean people due to many incidents that have arisen.”

The decision comes following a broadcast by SBS′ In Depth 21, which showed how PR agents were not being managed properly.

Photo credit: SBS

~ by Cloud USA on July 19, 2013.

7 Responses to “[article 1][from Stephe’s desk] A proper writeup: RoK Defense Ministry shuts down DEMA’s PR Unit.”

  1. SMH……I’ve been following that @netizenbuzz on twitter and they have some major hate for our JiHoon. It really pisses me off.
    JiHoon as soon as you possibly can PLEASE sue their butts for slander and /or/ defamation of character!
    JiHoon you don’t deserve the treatment their giving you.


  2. I am glad to see DEMA has finally taken some responsibility for the problems, unfortunately a little too late for JJH. Especially since I believe he wanted to just be a regular ‘ole solider in MS, not Rain, and I feel he was coerced to become an Entertainment Solider. I also feel that DEMA had allowed this type of behavior with ES’s long before JJH entered MS. Was it a violation getting a ride from KTH? Sure, but he had to get back to base somehow and if not from her then from some else since DEMA didn’t provide a proper escort or transportion, or he would have been AWOL if not back to base on time. I know it is still a violation, but it makes me so sad the nutizens would condemn this man for such a violation and they don’t understand, or care, what the ES’s actually endure during their time of service…how hard they work and how much they give up to entertain the soldiers. And I feel really badly for the soldiers who will no longer enjoy a break from their routine and get some much needed morale boosting. Not only did the nutizens punish the ES’s, but the regular soldiers as well.
    Just my humble opinion.


  3. This is the real deal but I was sad to see KoreAm Journal post this along with a pic of Rain on there site. The wrong message to send.


  4. Truth finally! Why is the truth so hard to face? All they had to do is ‘fess up!


  5. Much better……now see Korean Media…..that wasn’t hard, was it?


  6. Love Rain support. Him always


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