6 Responses to “[fan account] Oh, it was so good to see him!! The moment we waited for.”

  1. I feel you fustration; Clouds you did your best and did well. At least you met someone who really knows Rain who will tell Rain his Clouds were there and you got a couple of pictures.


  2. I also want to thank Michelle for being a wonderful representative of clouds that couldnt be there. I was on Twitter and following your account. I felt like I were experiencing the excitement through your tweets. This is truely a wonderful fan account. Thank you for bringing it to us. 🙂


  3. I also hope that he comes to the US and makes an appearance… I tried to get tickets to his last show in SK before his army enrollment and they were gone really quick. I can’t wait to see him perform in person… It would be so surreal!!! All that sexy goodness!!!! Love, love, love him!


  4. I would like to say a BIG, HUGE thank you for all you’ve done and written about this wonderful day. Because your tweets was the only source of information for me that night (I couldn’t be online on my computer for some reason) and I could only catch a little wifi from my neighbors with my phone. I had to spend half of the night near the elevator trying catch wifi lol but anyway it was so wonderful and exciting!


    • And I also translated your post into Russian for Ukrainian Clouds. All news about Rain discharge was the same – so brief, cold and oficial. Thats why Ukrainian Clouds want to thank you for all your kind and warm words about this event. It was like we all were there with you!


  5. I really hope we get to see that smile soon. It as a wonderful sensation to see so many Clouds support JJH it almost made me feel like I was there too. What a special day it was and continues to be I hate to be selfish to thee. But JJH if you see this send this Cloud a smile please..


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