[fan cam][clips][images] The plot thickens: Rain gets out of the car TWICE at his military discharge. (7/10)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Of course, a fan’s camera will ALWAYS show you what Media cameras and articles will not. ^@@^ (Credit: MidnightMimosa RAIN @YT. Her brief comments were: “Rain coming out of the military. He stopped right in front of me!! But I didn’t see anything. Fortunately, my boyfriend filmed this for me. He said RAIN is handsome even in a man’s opinion.”)

What? This fool Hamban TV reporter, who tried to get an interview out of Rain with Choco pie (which royally pissed off his fellow reporters), was still running after the Range Rover when it got to the end of the street. (I think this guy has interviewed Rain before, several times during his career.)

And his own news report (which conveniently does not show him running all up on Rain, gee, I wonder why) shows what the fan cam did—two stops. Rain really tried, in a volatile and dangerous situation. ^@@^ (Source credit: tvN / courtesy of ratoka @YT / Source credit: Hamban TV / courtesy of ratoka @Dailymotion)

And a couple of extra clips from KOARI, out of Japan. Just because. ^@@^ (Source credit: Koari.net / koarimovienews @YT.)

(Sometimes you just can’t get enough Brown-eyed Seoul. And look at those boots shining like new money, even though they would only be seen for about 5 seconds. That’s our Sergeant. ^@@^)




~ by Cloud USA on July 13, 2013.

One Response to “[fan cam][clips][images] The plot thickens: Rain gets out of the car TWICE at his military discharge. (7/10)”

  1. Bless his sweetheart, I just love him so much. JiHoon is so giving and caring. You can just see in his eyes his emotions i hate netizens are trying so hard to suck the life right out of him.

    Courage JiHoon all this crap will pass and you’ll still be the stronger for it.


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