[article][rumor] So, what’s Rain going to do now? Besides continue to slay the world. :)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Please remember, everything in this article with the exception of quotes from Cube Entertainment and Rain are complete speculation and unconfirmed. But it sure is nice to see that people are excited, and watching. (What was that about someone being “tarnished”? *snort* Hmph. Must have been the wind blowing.) 🙂

And on that note: Now is the time when everyone in creation is going to want Rain to headline their shows and concerts and such. PLEASE remember that if Cube or RAINY or Rain himself has not confirmed claims that he is going to make an appearance, either wait for that confirmation OR do your thing and take your chances at being ripped off. It’s up to you. This is nothing new, and we all should have learned by now. Just sayin’. ^@@^



Star News 7/11/2013 — [English translation by 화니]

Rain’s visit to the US as his first step since his discharge, has not yet been determined

Some say that singer Rain (his real name, Jung Ji-Hoon) will go to the U.S. as his first step since he was discharged from the army, but Cube Entertainment representing him expresses regarding this, “It has not yet been determined.”

Cube Entertainment, Rain’s management company, told Star News on the 11th, “As of yet, no concrete schedule has been outlined. As Rain has received offers from various entertainment agencies, he is available to go to the U.S., but contrary to the rumors that he is going to go to the U.S in August or September, the date of the visit has not been definitely decided yet.”

Before this, Rain was discharged from the Defense Media Agency located in Seoul’s Yongsan-gu last 10th after making it through his 21-month military service.

As Rain has been discharged from military service, there is an extreme amount of focus on his future moves. Some say that he will go to the U.S. sometime around August or September, as part of his first step since his discharge. Their claims are plausible because it has been known that Rain has already been received an offer from international artist ‘Jay-Z’s record label ‘Roc Nation’.

However, one of Rain’s allies said, “Rain has been in a situation where it’s been just a day since he was fresh out of the army yesterday, and therefore there has not been any further discussion or any further movement on that. Instead of backing to the basics and immediately beginning working, he’ll discuss future plans with his agency, looking over various proposals.”

Meanwhile, after leaving the army base in which he had been serving around at 8am on the 10th, Rain gave his concise and clear thoughts in front of reporters and fans, saying, “I’ll try harder from now on.”

Although his look of stiffness was apparent due to a current controversy over entertainment soldiers’ neglecting their duties, he was an imposing figure on the scene, which attracted attention.

Rain visited his mother’s grave at Byukje Memorial Park, in Kyungki-do’s Goyang city soon after his discharge. He plans to spend time with his family for the time being.

Credit to Star News http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=106&oid=108&aid=0002232264
English translation by 화니

~ by Cloud USA on July 11, 2013.

22 Responses to “[article][rumor] So, what’s Rain going to do now? Besides continue to slay the world. :)”

  1. I’ll say one more thing and then I’m done on this thread. Speaking of Hollywood (*feeling hopeful again*), I’ve noticed a lot more “Asian visibility” in mainstream Hollywood films as of late. The most recent films that I’ve seen personally……”The Man With the Iron Fist”(Rick Yune/Jaime Chung), “Olympus Has Fallen” (Rick Yune), “Fast and Furious” (Sung Kang) and “G.I. Joe” (Lee Byung Hun). All these movies had at least one Asian actor and some had several Asian actors in them. Also, I’ve seen “The Hangover” (1 & 2 – Ken Jeong/Jaime Chung) as well.

    Upcoming films that I plan to see with Asian actors among the cast, “Red 2” (Lee Byung Hun), “The Wolverine” (the whole story has Japanese culture as the back drop and several Asian actors in it). IMO, now seems to be the time for Asian actors to “get on board” in Hollywood. Are some of these characters stereotypical? Possibly, BUT maybe not. My point…..I’ve seen more Asian actors (in general) in American mainstream films as of late than I Ever have before. So now is a good time to make that move, if it’s a move Bi wants to make. Still I say take your time. Your talent will be there no matter when/if you decide to crossover.

    On the small screen……I could see Bi on a few shows I watch (1) “Suits” (2) “The Good Wife” (3) “Vampire Diaries” (4) “Supernatural” (5) “Falling Skies” and lord have mercy my Favorite of all…..”Scandal” (how apropo). Any “Scandal” watchers besides me and Vicki?


    • I started watching Scandal ever since President Fitz got shot and been hooked ever since…..the season finale was such a shocker for me….just wow. Also love the chemistry between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn….muy caliente…lol.


      • Muy caliente…..with jalapenos on top! MERCY! If those two weren’t already married to other people off camera, I’d swear they were a couple themselves and one that has No Problem spending their quality time “re-arranging” the furniture in every room of the house.


    • And we’re bound to see more. Joel Silver (and a few others like him) has been quite vocal the last couple of years about his intent to give Asian talent a lot more prominence in Hollywood films, and he has been acting on that intent.

      And who is Joel Silver, for those who don’t know?^^ The very well known American producer of films like the Lethal Weapon films, the Die Hard films, the Matrix films, etc, who just left Warner Bros and started his own studio, Silver Pictures. The dude who co-founded Dark Castle Entertainment. The dude who produced Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin and thinks Rain is the best thing since sliced bread. The dude who can’t have a barbeque at his house without everybody in Hollywood showing up and the Media noticing everybody who goes in and out.

      And so, he’s already got Joel, Richard Gere, Jerry Bruckheimer, and others in his corner… Ho ho ho. Rain, I cannot wait until you get here. ^____________^

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. I would love for Rain to come to the U.S. for acting and doing more concerts, particularly Las Vegas or New York because he performed there before and is familiar with those cities. Im also afraid for him to come to Hollywood because it is a very harsh world full of haters, drugs, etc., but Rain is smart and dedicated and can keep himself safe and surround himself with positive ppl who he trust and will have his back. To Rain, if u make it here dont change anything about yourself, keep your korean flavor and those sexy eyelids. Love you Rain.


  3. I read that after July 2013 the Rain calender will be discontinued. It would be nice to have a calender of Rain’s events so we Clouds will be aware of (for example) when his next performance will be and where and when he comes to the USA and collaborate with JayZ. I thought the calenders were really special as it was a message within itself. Thanks for the time and effort that all of that work takes. I loved the video welcoming Rain home from his fans. Have a enjoyable weekend!


    • Peachi,

      I’m a little confused.

      Which Rain calendar are you talking about here? Are you talking about Cloud USA’s Yellow Ribbon for Rain calendar? If so, that calendar was never supposed to show Rain’s schedule. It was created as a commemorative countdown calendar specifically so that his Clouds could create something fun and unique for Rain’s military service and so that we would be able to countdown the days to Rain’s military release together. (It was sort of like our latest video project.) The last month on that calendar is actually July 2013. The calendar just simply ENDS there. So, it HAS to be retired.

      Or are you talking about another calendar that is being discontinued somewhere that I don’t know about yet?

      There is a Rain schedule calendar over on The Cloud, Rain’s official fan club in Korea’s website, but I’ve heard nothing about that calendar being discontinued myself. The Rain’s schedule on The Cloud is where you should actually go to see what Rain is going to be doing next.

      However, they do need to get a bit better about updating that calendar. They are not often the speediest with their updates. For example, they’ve already announced the August 3rd 8th Cloud fan meeting in Korea, but that isn’t on the August calendar yet–and it should be.

      Terri :-}


  4. I would love to see him come to the US, however I wouldn’t want Rain to rush it. Also I wouldn’t want Rain to be anyone else other than his true self. Not that he would change mind you but show business in the US is a whole different animal. There’s a lot of NO talent ppl in the US that make you wonder….”why are these ppl famous again?”….or ppl that just jump on any kind of bandwagon to make themselves relevant. Just my two cents.


    • Cecilia says:

      There’s a lot of NO talent ppl in the US that make you wonder….”why are these ppl famous again?”

      BiAlamode says: Exactly……..

      You know I think you helped me realize why I was starting to feel weird about his coming here. We in the U.S. Know what he will be facing when/if he decides to come here. While I have no doubt whatsoever that Jihoon Jung “the man” will remain the same, it’s Rain “the artist/entertainer” that will inevitably have to change in some ways in order to make headway in the U.S. market. It’s the changes that give me pause. NO I don’t think he’ll come here and “act out” ala Justin Beiber/Amanda Bynes he’s matured past that stupidness. However, I would hate to see the artistry that we’ve come to love him for get drowned out by the American entertainment machines….film and music alike. Although he comes from that already in Korea. People can be cruel and brutal for sure but he will have to face a different kind of “mean” over here. Oh, who the hell knows? Just take your time Bi.


  5. I think he will take at least a couple of weeks if not a month or two to unwind, take care of family stuff, sleep in his bed, eat whatever and take Kim Tae Hee to a place were they can at least talk and share some quality time. Kim Tae Hee said she’s not ready to tie the knot so I guess they will keep dating for some time, get to know each other well, etc. Also, lets be real, people in Korea are still under the impression that Rain took some time to do business while he was in the military so they will be watching over his every move for a while cuz if he start with his career too soon then people will say, see he was doing career related stuff while in the military and yada, yada, yada! So I think that he will take some time off until people quiet down and forget about the whole thing. He will probably read some scripts from dramas or movies maybe take a trip with Kim Tae Hee that just wrapped up a drama and will have some “free” time to go places. Also, he will put that brilliant mind of his to create songs, if he didn’t do it already, create new sounds, choreographies and plan his awesome comeback with his staff. He knows he has to comeback with a bang and that means preparing his body and mind for a new beginning. 😀


    • I agree with your point as well. BTW, speaking of Tae Hee, I do believe the media is probably dogging his trail now more so because they are all gunning for that “money shot” of Bi and Tae Hee…..Ooo….together! LOL!

      Fame is a “mutha”…..honestly.


  6. This is the best rumor ever! Hope it’s true.


  7. This is the best rumor ever! Keeping my fingers crossed this is true. Totally makes my day. Let it Rain in the USA!


  8. It would be fabulous if he came to the US!!!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed this rumor is true!


  9. I think he has to take time deciding what to do on his personal and professional life. Unfortunately part of his problem is he doesnt know how to balance both. Apparently he is still dating. He is not a kid anymore so he has to decide if he wants to take it to the next level or push harder on his career. It is a though decision though. I hope he takes his time to think it over.


  10. I see another trip in my future. (smile) I do hope he takes a little time for his self but he lives to work. I m sure it won’t be long before his rolling onto new adventures. As you always do, “just keep us posted”.


  11. Ditto!! We will allow Rain some rest and relaxation, right?! No paparazzi in USA.


  12. You know, honestly, as much as I want Honey Love to come work over here in the U.S. (*all fangirl-ing aside*)…what I really want is for him to take his time. We “love” him true enough…BUT it won’t be a cake walk trying to make in roads in the U.S. either (for obvious and in some cases not so obvious reasons). It’ll be a different kind of “head trip” but a head trip nonetheless and right now he needs to decompress completely before making any concrete decisions.

    I kind of feel like I do and I don’t want him to come here…..Yeah…..I can’t believe I’m saying that too. I guess now that it could Possibly become a reality……..I don’t know. I’m feeling weird about it all of a sudden. Somebody help me out. What the heck is this feeling??


  13. I hope he does come to the US. He’s not one to sit around so I bet we’ll hear something soon. At least I hope we do.


  14. Oh come to the US OPPA please!! We will be so kind to you


  15. jung ji hoon take a fast plane and come to the U.S., faster than flying.


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