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Ahahahahaha! *guilty as charged*

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DramaFever Blog 7/10/2013 — written by KrisE+

10 Hot Photos of Rain in Uniform

With Rain discharged from the military, we unfortunately won’t see him in uniform again! Well, we might if he takes a role in a drama requiring him to wear one, but you know what I mean! No more “active duty uniform wearing Rain,” so we have to say our goodbyes. I’ve gathered ten hot photos of Rain in uniform during his time in the military. Take your time saying your goodbyes; scroll slowly:


» You can see KrisE’s pictorial and post in its entirety on the DramaFever blog HERE.


DramaFever Blog 7/10/2013 — written by KrisE+

Rain: Welcome Home From the Military


Today Rain has officially been discharged from the military! Those two years went by super fast, don’t you think?! Of course, he couldn’t just spend his time quietly; he ended up breaking millions of fan girls hearts by starting a relationship with actress Kim Tae Hee. The ministry of magic err, I mean ministry of defense (hehehe) got on his case about a few harmless vacation breaks. What else? Oh yes, on the business side, his group MBLAQ stayed active. Lee Joon joined the cast of Iris 2, Thunder was a cutie as Jin in Nail Shop Paris, and as a whole the group released the sexy MV for “Smoky Girl.

Way to go being so productive during your military duty, Rain!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE

(Source via m.enewsworld.interest.me)

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  1. That right, he is. Thanks for sharing




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