[image] Rain check. Poor guy.

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Lord. He probably enjoyed his freedom for all of five minutes before the rabid paparazzi hunted him down outside a restaurant in Goyang City. You can just tell what he’s thinking. I think putting up just one of these shots is quite enough. He is done and so am I. Ugh. *sigh* *SMH*

(Source credit as tagged and not surprising at all. 7/10/2013)

BOzdXPoCIAAube8.jpg large

~ by Cloud USA on July 10, 2013.

9 Responses to “[image] Rain check. Poor guy.”

  1. his look says a lot … Rain did well to look with your face up to those flies that follow it.


  2. Poor RainRain. It will be ok, unfortunately such is a life of a mega super global star. He does look like he has it with that media. Can’t blame him


  3. Rain could be easily, coyly giving them the two fingered “f*** you” sign quietly.(Check out his fingers in the caption.) But that’s just not Rain’s propensity!


  4. This is awful!!!!!!!! I feel so bad for him!!!!!!!! Yes I understand media attention comes alone with being a supet mega star like he is. However eveybody needs some space especially after serving in the millitary. They need to give him some alone time. No one needs to know what he is eatting, damn crazy media!!!!


  5. I think when the celebrities first debut that they enjoy and loves the crowd but after all those years of being explore of their private life including what they eat or drinks has become a different kind of the pressure to them that they probably hates. Nevertheless they might feels how much they dislike it but somehow they are still enjoy the spotlight because they works hard to be what they choice to be and most of all being support by their fans, like us whom will is always there with them no matter what. Right?
    Now that he has completed a journey ( even though was by law) but he is a bread new person in so many way and ready to another journey in his life- with us. Thank you Clouds.๐Ÿ˜˜โค


  6. A damned shame!!…….I totally get that look on his face and I know Exactly what he’s thinking. Many choice words come to mind.


  7. What? I am speechless–what the hell is wrong with human nature. They can’t let Rain be at peace!


  8. For a minute I was scared thought he felt un well. Happy it was food he was getting so he can keep up his strength… love Rain


  9. They already down the mans throat and he aint even been out 24 hours yet! goodness.


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