[article] “Mother, your son is here… and my fans, Rain is here.”

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

I found this article very bittersweet, and I liked it—to a point.

Again, I have to ask, why is there always something that is LEFT OUT? Where is the part where he didn’t just ride off into the sunset, he stopped the car past the Media and got back out for a few seconds to be nearer the fans? (He sure as heck wasn’t trying to be nearer the Media, donchaknow.) And where’s the part where he was hustled into the car because of a guy invading his space out of left field? Noooo, it’s like he just jumped into the car sour-faced and took off without looking at anybody. Sheesh. :/ ^@@^



Star News 7/10/2013 — [English translation by 화니]

The first thing Rain did after his discharge was to visit his mother’s grave


World star Rain visiting his mother’s grave inside a Memorial Park in Kyungki-do’s Paju city immediately after his discharge on the 10th.

“Mother, your son is here…”

The first thing Rain did immediately after finishing the 21 months of mandatory military duty on the morning of the 10th, was to visit his mother’s grave. Many people expected that he would meet his lover ‘Kim Tae-Hee’, but it was nothing like anyone had expected.

Rain was discharged from the Defense Media Agency located in Seoul’s Yongsan-gu at around 8am this day where the scene was full of more then 800 fans and more than 200 reporters waiting for him to see his discharge. Rain went off after leaving a statement as, “Army sergeant ‘Jung Ji-Hoon’ has been ordered to be discharged from the army on July 10th. Thank you for coming today. I’ll try harder from now on. I always appreciate the support of me, and I’ll never stop giving my best effort.”

It took only 20 seconds to get into a car arranged for him after leaving the brief statement. He looked stiff without a smile, without waving even at his screaming fans.

It is simply that Rain must have gone through a lot of distress these days as it is a situation where the poor management of entertainment soldiers is at the heart of a controversy.

According to one of his associates he was accompanied by to the grave inside a memorial park in Kyungki-do’s Paju city, the first thing he did was to bow deeply to his late mother.


World star Rain visiting his mother’s grave inside a Memorial Park in Kyungki-do’s Paju city immediately after his discharge on the 10th.

Following, “And then, Rain was standing in silent homage around the grave for about 15~20 minutes, keeping telling himself as if he prayed for her.”

Rain is known to be extremely devoted to his mother. He was often seen crying when reminiscing about his late mother even after being a world star, as well as when he was a rookie, through media outlets.

His mother suffered from diabetes, but she died without receiving adequate treatment in 2000 because his family was too poor. He often made a frank confession of this fact .

Since he knows this is when interest in on him locally and abroad, there’s no time like the present. Perhaps he expressed his willingness to reestablish his resolve by reminiscing about his memories of her.

“Mother, your son is here, and, my fans, Rain is here.”

Singer Rain who has left the army on the 10th with an honorable discharge.

Singer Rain who has left the army on the 10th with an honorable discharge.

Credit to Star News http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=106&oid=108&aid=0002232111
English translation by 화니

~ by Cloud USA on July 10, 2013.

13 Responses to “[article] “Mother, your son is here… and my fans, Rain is here.””

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  2. I too, commend Rain for having the strength to visit his mom. To MommieLynn, when my mom lost her mother she was sick for 18 months. I’m speaking from experience, when my mom goes to the grave to see her mother (my grandmother) it’s hard but my mom is determined to visit on Mother’s Day, my grandmother’s birthday, Christmas, Easter and anytime in-between just to take flowers. Our hearts are heavy but when we get there, we feel a quiet peace and my mom takes her little scissors to cut the grass that has grown around the headstone and her cleaner and rag to clean the headstone and she talks to her. When we drive away we turn around and look at the flowers we left and smile because my grandmother loves flowers. It is very hard but it gets easier and my moms says if it wasn’t for us (me and my 2 siblings) she would not have made it through, so a good family does help and it DOES GET EASIER. Just another, of many reasons, to love Rain!!!


  3. Of course it wasn’t like anyone expected 🙂 . I do not know what it is like yet to have my parents gone but I almost lost my mother more than once due to her health condition. She just had a mastectomy done so cancer would not spread. Her colon deteriorate on her so it was removed back in 2008 . It was a emergency surgery . I remember my father telling me she only has a 50 percent living . And taking care of her . She has been through more . Thank heaven for insurance. But back ton jjh he is very devoted I agree and sticks to his word . He is a family man.


  4. I lost both parents, one to cancer and the other one to congestive heart failure. I agree with you all. This is very touching


  5. I did see the (looked like a white Range Rover) vehicle that Rain was in stop, get out and speak to his fans. The camera shot was behind the crowd and all I could see was Rain’s head shot walking and talking to his supporters and Clouds. I thought it was very commendable of him–he did it away from reporters. Thanks for sharing, love the communication flow.


  6. That just sent all kinds of tremors to my heart. As a mother, I see Rain as a loving, dedicated young man who maintains to keep his promise to his dear mom. God bless him. He is the kind of son that every mother desires. YES, RAIN IS BACK MORE DEDICATED THAN BEFORE! I can see his dedication on his face and actions.


  7. For those of us who have lost a parent (some of us recently), this is as Stephe said….bittersweet and for me at moments hard to read. With all the chaos that surrounds Bi right now, I’m sure this is the time he would need his mother.


    • I agree to it being hard. I recently lost my mother and it was very touching. The one thing that I cannot do is visit both my parents graves. It’s too hard so I commend Rain for having the strength to be a good son.


  8. Simply beautiful.


  9. This article was beautifully written. I had tears in my eyes as I read it because I know how much his mother means to him. Thank Thank you so much for sharing this. 😥


  10. Touch my heart he did with such beautiful gesture for a man this days. You see I’ll open my heart today and let you know my mom I lost and I know the pain is great. To see him go visit her grave makes me admire him more today. I’m sure is Safe to say JJH mother is the biggest Cloud to Rain.


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