From Stephe’s desk: The wheels in those neti-brains may be turning, but…


Apparently, according to this article on Nate, the 59-year-old tenant who originally got into trouble with Rain for refusing to pay her rent some years ago has now been fined by the courts for spreading false claims that Rain raped her and tried to rob her.

She spread the lies on banners back in January after losing her counter suit (this chick really doesn’t want to pay her rent, huh?).

According to NetizenBuzz, the gist of the article is this:

The woman has been running a gallery in Rain’s building since 2009. Rain filed a lawsuit against her in 2010 because she stopped paying rent. She filed a counter suit claiming that Rain had not repaired the building, damaging several of her paintings. In January of 2013, after losing the lawsuit, the woman started putting up banners claiming that Rain raped, threatened, and tried to rob her. The court fined her $3,000 USD for spreading false claims.

This is Aju News‘ point of view, as translated by 화니:

The 7th Detective Department in the Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors’ Office said on the 7th that A (aged 59) who staged a one-man demonstration claiming that she had been raped by singer Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon, 31), was summarily indicted by the prosecution for intentionally spreading false information being fined 3,000,000 won. A is charged with putting up a banner saying ‘I was raped, threatened, assaulted, and robbed by soldier ‘Jung Ji-Hoon’, and was attacked by a mob including him, which has cost me my health, and that’s why I’ve ended up homeless on the streets’ in front of Jung’s building located in Gangnam-gu’s Cheongdam-dong, Seoul and of the Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors’ Office last January.

According to the prosecutor’s investigations, A who had been a tenant running a gallery in Jung’s building, circulated false information out of ill will because she had been evicted for not paying the rent.

So. Here we have a guy (Rain) who was not only stiffed by someone who figured he should let them run their business on his property for FREE, we have a guy who has been libeled with rape and assault (pretty nasty crap!) NOT because he did it, but because he didn’t let a freeloader stay on his property for FREE.

You would think people would be outraged about a woman who would blatantly lie about something like that, because of how quickly it could ruin a man’s life and how hard that makes it for real victims. Right? Or that they would take her to task for breaking the law by not paying her rent, at least.


But no. Hold up. Wait a minute. Because it is RAIN, the only thing that some of their little minds manage to hammer out is how the release of the story must be a media ploy by Rain’s management to garner sympathy for him because his discharge is imminent.

*looking around, waiting for the punchline* O__o LMAO

Let me school y’all on something. People who like/adore Rain are going to like/adore him, regardless, and people who hate Rain are going to hate him, regardless. It just is what it is. Trying to garner sympathy would be a colossal waste of his time. He gets plenty of sympathy anyway when people read inane and illogical claptrap from netizens, like them wondering whether or not to feel sorry for a guy who didn’t rape anyone but was publicly accused of it. LOL! Wow.

The wheels in your neti-brains may be turning, but your hamsters are dead.


— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on July 9, 2013.

10 Responses to “From Stephe’s desk: The wheels in those neti-brains may be turning, but…”

  1. I wonder if there is a way to successfully file a lawsuit on netizens.


  2. I would have thrown her out and kept her pictures to sale
    Crazy deranged lady


  3. Let me tell you something that 59 year lady, im sure she would have love for rain to do something something with her. Since he’s wheel are running and his hampster are not dead of course he wouldnt give her the time of the day, so she has to start to spread those nasty rumors. Crazyyyyyyyyy Ladyyyyy.


  4. crazy sick woman to take responsibility for committing defamation crazy. they should have put a higher penalty for lying and crazy.


  5. What is it about this man that seems to drive these netizens so bananas? And that includes the “jump on the bandwagon” international netizens too.


  6. What is wrong with this country? Don’t they understand that even a whisper of rape is sometimes just enough to destroy someone’s life or livelihood ? Luckily, Rain is a person a strong will and spirit and NOTHING these a$$es can do will derail him from goals.


  7. Is there a word for BEYOND crazy?? You are right, at this point this stuff is just plain laughable…..too laughable for one iota of it to even be taken seriously. First of all lady…..rape?? No, this is just some “old chick” who really has the hots for Bi and she Wished he would touch her. That’s her Real problem.

    He’s not a fool lady and YOU are kryptonite that kept him far, FAR away.

    Pay your damned rent!!!


  8. those hampsters have really died, starting to stink too..hahaha love ya ladies.


  9. That woman does have a something loose in her head .. is she out of her mind.. wow people these days . Give him a break jeesh. That is a load of crap what she said I agree . He would not do that .


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