[article] Rain goes to see his mother’s grave after his release.


eNewsWorld 7/10/2013 —

Rain Goes to See His Mother′s Grave After His Release

Right after his release, Rain went to see not his lover or his other family members, but his mother. The singer was released from the Defense Media Agency on July 10, concluding his military services.


He briefly greeted the 100 press members and 700 fans who had been waiting for him, then left the scene just two minutes later. It seems he only made a brief appearance in order to lie low amidst the recent controversies surrounding his former unit and PR agents.

He said, “I was ordered a discharge on July 10, 2013. Thank you for coming. I′ll do my best to work hard.” He then left in a car his agency had provided for him. A rep from Rain′s agency told enews, “Right after his release, he plans to visit his mother′s grave at the Byeokje Memorial Park in Gyeonggi-do Goyang-si. For the next few days he will spend time with his family.”

Rain also went to see his mother a day before his enlistment in 2011.

The Ministry of National Defense has revealed it will conclude its audit on the PR unit within the week, and impose strict punishments.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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4 Responses to “[article] Rain goes to see his mother’s grave after his release.”

  1. Awww that’s an amazing son! Of course, he needs to relax, talk to his mom, dad and sister. Take a break Baby, you deserve a great vacation! 😀


  2. A place he can find complete solace and quietude. This man needs time to rest his mind that’s for sure.


  3. Always a good son.


  4. Bless him, he had to converse with his mother! God bless Rain–that’s a good son! Service was hard on him emotionally and physically nevertheless he did really well in the 21 months to become Sergent 1c within that time. Keep him in our prayers intercessorily–he needs to relax and rest.


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