[fan cams][images] Rain at the 50th Army Division Consolatory Train. (6/18)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Ahhhhh, summer. It always means SHORTER SLEEVES. 🙂

» “Hip Song” credit: 비탈 @Pandora

LINK: http://en.channel.pandora.tv/channel/video.ptv?ref=em_nom&ch_userid=pdbaa&prgid=48377889

» “Instead of Saying Goodbye” and a moment with Sergeant Jung JiHoon credit: 비탈 @Pandora

LINK: http://en.channel.pandora.tv/channel/video.ptv?ref=em_nom&ch_userid=pdbaa&prgid=48377969

[Fan cam] Hip Song and Instead of Saying Goodbye. (Fan cam credit: 비탈 @Pandora / courtesy of ratoka @YT.)

[Quick cam] After the show… the girls were SWOONING like they’d WON THE LOTTERY when you-know-who came down to stand beside them. Don’t hurt ’em, Rain. Bless their hearts! kekekeke ^@@^ (Credit: Shari Mong @YT.)

(Image Source credits: @94hjmR / @mongshari / mongshari.blog.me/100190245210 / DC)





~ by Cloud USA on June 19, 2013.

3 Responses to “[fan cams][images] Rain at the 50th Army Division Consolatory Train. (6/18)”

  1. So cool…I like the one girl came running over to be besides him. She wasnt missing out, no matter how that looked. LOLllsss. Rain looks so happy and I think the 19 days may be why.


  2. I love how he seemed to be having a good time and laughing at the end after he sang – it made me giggle – too cute. The girls were so cute with him too 😀


  3. You’re right, the girls were “cheese’n” like they were kissed by Rain. They were cute. Thank you! You made my day happier!


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