From Stephe’s desk: Under the weather, and because of the weather. (Plus birthday/discharge activities.)


Dear Cloud sisters and Rain fans:

I apologize for blog posts being so scarce the last few days, but I developed some kind of Super Bird Flu Bug Virus this week which has kept me feverish and semiconscious in LaLa Land. It’s not that I think I’m sick (haha, BigBang), I AM SICK.

Not to mention, did you see those destructive super cells and thunderstorms that uprooted trees across Atlanta the other day, in the news? I was one of the 200,000 people across the state without power, for a l-o-n-g time. By the time they got to my street the next day, there were 96,000 still out.

Thank Chuck my electricity has been restored, but this super virus is being a real bitch. So, please bear with me.

I’ll do my very best to chime in when I’m lucid and can breathe. (Jim, Terri, and everyone is staying far away from me. I am that contagious.)

— Stephe ^@@^

P.S.: Concerning activities for Rain’s discharge on July 10… we are planning to have a Cloud USA banner and flower garland there for him, when he comes out of the gate. We are in the middle of working everything out with The Cloud and sister fan sites, as quickly as we can. You can imagine the difficulty of trying to do this over the distance, so please bear with us. We’ll let y’all know how you can contribute as soon as possible. With Rain’s birthday and discharge dates so closely together, it simply wasn’t possible for us (at Cloud USA) to do a separate huge project for June 25, thus the call for you all to get your birthday cards to him pronto. The Cloud (and those of us who are 8th Cloud members) will indeed make certain Rain gets birthday gifts representative of the fandom, and might possibly be making another donation to charity as he really appreciated the last project. So, never fear, all of you will be repped on Rain’s birthday regardless.


~ by Cloud USA on June 15, 2013.

17 Responses to “From Stephe’s desk: Under the weather, and because of the weather. (Plus birthday/discharge activities.)”

  1. Hope you would get well soon. Please, take care of you.


  2. Get well soon Stephe. Plenty of rest and green tea


  3. Please take it easy an get well soon, Stephe. Drink green tea and eat soup. Thanks for updating us 🙂


  4. Take care Stephe, I hope you feel better real soon my sister.💐


  5. Oh! girlfriend pls get better soon. Being sick is a bitch but not having electricity is a B too. Been there with both. I sent off my B-DAY card to Rain with pictures of the DC trip. I thought he might get a kick out of seeing them. That’s if he gets to see them. I know he will be loaded with cards & gifts. Love ya girl get well. 🙂


  6. Stephe its no fun at all to be sick, do take good care of yourself and get lots of rest and follow doctor’s orders. Thank you for sharing this information and count me in for anything you all plan to do. Keep us posted on your road back to good health.


  7. Be well and get healthy. That storm that ripped through Atlanta brought lots of rain my way and some downed trees. Thanks for the update on the Cloud activities for the upcoming events. I did mail Rain some birthday cards earlier this week.


  8. Stephe, That flu sounds terrible. I hope it’s gone soon. I thought maybe a little Rain might make you feel better.


  9. Take care amiguita, be well and then come to us to keep admiring uri Baby Boo! ( Did you notice there are three languages in that sentence! Otoke!! AHa! Made you smile?) We’ll wait for you! No worries! 😀


  10. No, Clouds, Stephe is not well AT ALL.

    So, please do send her lots of virtual hugs. She really needs them. No kidding, I haven’t seen her sick like this in a long, long time. And she sounds like a frog. (Sorry, chingu, but you do. LOL.)

    I am actually totally surprised that she managed to drag herself out of bed to post anything at all last night, because when I managed to talk to her for a few minutes on the phone, she sounded totally wiped.

    What a trooper she is, huh?

    Terri :-}


  11. By all means, take care of yourself! We want you WELL! Thanks for that tongue snatching photo Bi Rain, LOL! Isn’t he just adorable even with him sucking his tongue in sleep!


  12. Well that sucks. Hope you knock that “super bug” on its rear really soon. Feel better Sunbae!

    Glad you made it through the bad weather that swept through your town. You and your family take care. *SMILES*…………………………


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