[articles] Back to the basic once more: Rain with Cube Entertainment for the start of his next decade.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*ETA: I don’t suppose anyone has taken a second to think it could be that Rain will actually sign the contract when he gets out of the military. Nothing translated from Mr. Hong says Rain has signed anything yet, just decided to go with Cube. Which may be why there seems to be no worry about the military’s reaction… ? ^@@^}


Well! Do my eyes deceive me, or has Mr. Hong’s statement on Cube been amended a bit? Now this we can work with. Cool.

Jung Bae, a native Korean-speaker and Terri’s colleague at HelloKPop.com, read this today towards the end of Mr. Hong’s statement: “Despite many offers, Rain wishes to return to his mindset at the very beginning and join with me with hearts hotter than ever. I wish to thank Rain, for leaving other offers behind to respond to me with friendship. I am now preparing for life as the partner of Rain, this friend who was so passionate every day, looking 10 years ahead even in his trainee days.” Which gives even more credence to SOOMPI’s article below, which quotes: “2013’s spring, Rain and Hong Seung Sung are standing here before a new start. Even though Rain had a lot of offers, he decided to join us [our agency] because he wants to go back to his roots and he is more passionate than ever.”

I wish to thank Rain for leaving other offers behind… Rain had a lot of offers, he decided to join us… That’s what we’re looking for. We appreciated the shining future stuff, but when it comes to blasting out news about Rain’s career, we need plain speak.

We have a pretty good feeling about this. Both parties know each other well and are bringing some good stuff to the table. Rain is nowhere near finished with Korea, Asia, the U.S., or the rest of the world when it comes to music, dramas, and films. He still has many more “firsts” to set, and we think he has chosen a good “traveling companion” for that. (Although we wish like heck Mr. Hong had waited to spill the beans, it makes absolutely no sense to think that he did so without Rain’s nod…)

(What the heck is it with some of these “news sites” dropping headers like, “Rain announces he has signed with Cube” when RAIN didn’t announce anything. Cube did. Doofuses.)

(And like I said, MBLAQ will be just fine and stand well on their own now, but when they call up senior brother, Rain will be there for them. Rain’s big brothers have been there for him his whole career, and they’re still there. So he will do the same for his little brothers. That’s just how he rolls, companies be damned.)

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^ / CloudUSA.org



SOOMPI News 5/27/2013 — written by halves in unison

Rain Joins Beast and 4Minute, Signs With Cube Entertainment

Rain, who is currently serving in the military, has joined Cube Entertainment and will be labelmates with Beast,4MinuteG.NA among others. He has a special tie with the agency’s founder and CEO Hong Seung Sung, who was the president of JYP Entertainment during Rain’s early years in the entertainment industry. Industry insiders view Rain’s decision to join Cube Entertainment as a big sign of loyalty.

On May 28, CEO Hong Seung Sung wrote a long message on the company’s official website updating fans and the public about Rain’s addition to the company. “2013’s spring, Rain and Hong Seung Sung are standing here before a new start. Even though Rain had a lot of offers, he decided to join us [our agency] because he wants to go back to his roots and he is more passionate than ever.”

The CEO continued, “I remember May 2002, where we got to see world star Rain’s debut stage and I can’t hide the excitement just thinking about that spring. Afterwards, many beautiful springs have come to pass.”

He went on, “He’s a singer, actor and producer and have set a lot of records as ‘the first.’ You’ll be able to witness the beginning of Rain’s second wave now, who doesn’t know limits and have shown his potential by becoming a world star entertainer.”

In closing, Hong Seung Sung wrote, “With that thought, I want to thank Rain for his loyalty despite receiving many offers from other places. Also, during his trainee years, he constantly aimed for ten years ahead, which resulted in today’s passionate Rain. I’m preparing every single day like a partner and friend. I promise that I will return your never ending love and support for Rain and make sure the company leaves a beautiful legacy. I will wholeheartedly and sincerely do my best as his partner. I will not avoid risky paths, but will be thankful that we can do this together.”

Meanwhile, Rain will be discharged from active duty on July 10.



HelloKPop 5/29/2013 — written by TerriKR, hellokpop Chief Editor

World star Rain signs with Cube Entertainment

On May 28, Cube Entertainment announced that the company has entered into an exclusive contract with Korean star Jung Ji-Hoon, better known around the world as Rain.  CEO Hong Seung-Sung‘s glowing words about Rain in their official press release indicated that he is excited not only about finally being given the opportunity to work with Rain again as an artist and producer, but also about what this contract could potentially mean for Cube Entertainment.  He goes on to promise Rain and his loyal fans a bright future.

He said, “…in order to repay Rain who gave his non-stop love and support, we promise to bring him a beautiful legacy with every step we take. Also, in the future, I, in all sincerity, hope to be your companion for a long time. I’m always thankful for you who walks with me–even on all of the steep steps.”

It is well known that CEO Hong Seung-Sung is the former president of JYP Entertainment, but many global fans didn’t realize until yesterday that Rain and Hong Seung-Sung’s bond began long before Rain debuted, when Rain was cast by Hong Seung-Sung as a trainee at JYPE.   He spoke in the announcement about his introduction to Rain way back when.

“About 11 years ago, I met a teenager with a gaze that was filled with fire. He was more passionate than anyone else. He, who had worked diligently without knowing the harshness and darkness of the outside world, roared at the world like a tiger. That tiger has now turned 30 years old and is still holding the throne, despite the fierce wildlife.”

Cube Entertainment’s activities with Rain will begin after he is released from his mandatory military service. Rain’s release date is scheduled for July 10, 2013.

Sources:  News & Pics – Cube EntertainmentCEO Hong’s Twitter Account

~ by Cloud USA on May 29, 2013.

25 Responses to “[articles] Back to the basic once more: Rain with Cube Entertainment for the start of his next decade.”

  1. Ok, I’m not EEEEVEN gonna trip about this one…..but OOOwwweee if this has any grain of truth. (*breath has been caught….heart rate has returned to normal*)



    • Yeah, and Cube Entertainment was real quick to jump on that one too. That made me feel a LOT better about them. His other reps would just stay quiet and let the rumors fester, which used to drive me crazy.

      Yep. Feeling a helluva lot better about Cube right now. (I sure as hell do hope the rumor is TRUE though. LOL.)

      Terri :-}


    • You coulda knocked me over with a feather. *praying like a mofo*

      Oh my Jesus, who do I have to BRIBE TO MAKE THIS TRUE!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Heck yeah!……this would be Hella hot. Easy access to the Timbaland connection too, since Jay has worked with Timbaland in the past. Oh well, I guess that’s another one rumor that will exist only in my dreams.


  2. Rain has mentioned several times in the past couple of years how, now that he’s been on both sides of the arena and experienced a lot of it, he wants to pay more attention to himself as an artist and not be quite as bogged down in the business side as he’s been. He’s got a LOT coming up career-wise. Looks to me that he may have found a balance concerning all of that with Cube. Perhaps.

    He’ll never stop being the businessman, wheeling and dealing, and taking care of his interests and making his own decisions, but it’s not that hard to believe that he would prefer immersing his creative self in new projects coming up rather than vegetating in some boardroom.

    Bottom line — he knows what HE wants to do, and folks and fans need to just let him run his own career and support him in that.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • I expected that it was going to be seen as a betrayal and a selfish act from Rain to MBLAQ and Two X and unfortunately some perceive it as such. I’m okay with Rain changing places and doing whatever he wants. But we need his point of view first so we could actually judge. And man, your points of view are pure gold.


      • Hi, Fabada. 🙂 Thanks so much for saying that.

        Honestly, I was completely shocked by the “betrayal” angle that some people are taking. It didn’t even occur to me, I guess because my brain has been tuned for so long to the fact that Rain has been gone from JYPE/J.Tune and he sure as heck wasn’t going back. I so agree that we need Rain’s POV and it’s going to be pretty interesting to hear what he has to say when we get it. Yeah.

        Stephe ^@@^


        • I was fearing that from some A+. I think Rain has enough bashing apart from the military out of proportion issue… which actually he never made. I thank you for having done all the work to get things cleared up, hope it is taken seriously. Anyway, I’m also happy for the Jay Z rumour… if it turns out to be a real thing.


    • Amen!

      Terri :-}


  3. Let me tell you something,

    I was a freelance writer for many, many years. I ran and managed my own business. In fact, I WAS my business. Rewarding? Yes. But it was also tough as hell. I was the boss and made all the decisions. I also had no one around me to support me in the management of my business. So, if I f*cked up, the mess was all on me. Sure, everyone around me was perfectly willing to enjoy the fruits of my labor, but not a single person was willing to help me do the grunt work.

    And so for 15 years I worked my ass off, got very little rest (to the detriment of my health), and probably traveled to every freaking city in this country, sometimes a different one every single week.

    For years I did that. How I longed for someone to help make the tough decisions. Was I doing the right thing by taking this contract? Would that contract be workable with my schedule or would it put an undue burden on me and my family? Could I even DO the job they were asking me to do? Was I good enough? There were a LOT of concerns. And when the burden is all on you? Suddenly you find yourself wondering if the work you love to do is really the work you should be doing at all? You question yourself a LOT and you are very tough on yourself. Especially if you are a perfectionist like me. 😛

    When my marriage failed (yes, partly because of my work), when my children had stopped asking me for help with THEIR needs because I was never there, I realized something had to change. So, I found a recruiter, got a good job with corporate America…and I have never looked back.

    Is my job tough? Yes. I’m also not writing all the time, which I love to do. So, there are things about it I do NOT like. But would I go back to freelancing and running my own business? Not if I can help it.

    Certainly, my job could vanish any day. I could get laid off and I could be right back in the same old boat, hustling my butt off. And if that happens, then that is what I will do, and I will handle it just fine.

    But I do know that my life is a hell of a lot simpler and much more enjoyable now that I can come home at night and have some kind of a life with my friends and family too. Even as busy as I still am sometimes, I am STILL able to engage with my loved ones far more than I was able to in the past when I was freelancing full-time.

    So, I think I understand a bit about why Rain had decided to go with an agency again. When he first started out in his career, he had no choice, because he was a nobody, and he needed someone to promote his work. Then, later, he didn’t need them anymore. He could do it himself. And so he did.

    But, frankly, he’s older now. So, if he really does want to settle down, get married, and have a family, then he is going to have to change the way he does his business. His work can’t consume him 24/7 anymore. With families, that just doesn’t work well. In the end, something somewhere would suffer. And I think he knows that. Or maybe he’s just tired, like I was. Tired of having to do it all himself.

    I think having loyal business partners who love you and love what you do and want to help you do it can be a wonderful thing. I just hope that is what Cube Entertainment turns out to be for Rain.

    Terri :-}


    • Makes sense to me Terri. I can tell you’ve been reading some silly comments (elsewhere) I’m sure. If that is the case, people are a trip and being a celebrity and having your every move questioned/talked about is crazy. Personally, I know nothing really about these Korean companies. I know for a fact I don’t listen to K-Pop as much as some of my Cloud sisters, so when I see posts like this regarding Bi’s business decisions….I’m like….oh….Ok….another day…another decision. I don’t get too worked up about it and others shouldn’t either. It’s business.

      I 100% agree with you regarding running your own business. Saw my Dad do it and you don’t even get holidays off either.


      • Yeah, it’s crazy. Let the guy make his own business decisions, please. LOL.

        And no, you don’t get ANY days off. Ever. Even on days off, you are still answering calls and wheeling and dealing. Otherwise, you will not have a business.

        Of course, everything I’ve said may make you think I hated those 15 or so years I spent running things my own way. I assure you that I did not. I was really really really TIRED, but I loved it. If I could have ever afforded to hire full-time employees to do some of the work for me, (rather than the one off independent contractors to help me in a pinch), I might never even have closed up shop. Sigh.

        Then again, I also never worry about a fall-back plan either. And I still do the occasional freelance gig even now, of course. In my spare time. Ha, ha ha. 😛

        Terri :-}


        • LOL! No, I completely understand. My Dad often solicited “extra help” from me and other relatives, especially during the Christmas holidays (his busiest time of the year). Knee deep in boxes and packaging tape, I’m like geez….I thought “I” was on vacation. LOL!
          I miss those days actually. However, the business was a money drain. It made and drained money all at the same time. Oh well…..such is life I guess.


          • LOL,

            Well, I did some of that too, but I didn’t do too much of it, because they thought it was a real pain at the time, of course. But I did always pay anybody who was willing to help me very well.

            So, now, every now and then, my boys will say, “Gee, Mom. I wish you still had your business going. I made really good money back then.” And I’m like, “Yeah, cause you were freakin’ overpaid, you doof.” LOL.

            Terri :-}


  4. Nevertheless, one step at a time. This should have been news after Bi’s dischargement. Sounds like CUBE Ent wanted to get every other solicitor away from the bargaining table, so they make the announcement. Bi is mature enough to not let this frenzy get to him. GO RAIN!


  5. Reblogged this on Lynn's World and commented:
    Hope this clears everything up Clouds. Rain is with CUBE Entertainment. ^~^


  6. I must agree Stephe it would have been awesome if Cube Ent. had waited until Bi was discharged. But alas, people are impatient as __ck.

    However, just like with Tae Hee’s announcement….I’m pretty sure anything announced on Bi’s behalf (Big Daddy) gave permission, at least I HOPE. Hey, maybe he’s the impatient one. He’s about to get his “get-outta-jail-free” card and he wants people to know he’s coming back….who knows. It’s hard to speculate what’s going inside people’s heads, even Bi’s.


    • You know, I don’t know what’s up with this trend that’s been going on for a while where folks act like Rain is supposed to be this poor, beleaguered, helpless person whose close friends, loved ones, and colleagues just blurt stuff out to the Media about him willy-nilly. People emotionally close to Rain DO NOT TALK unless it’s okay to talk, and it has been that way since 2002. It is the bottom-feeding media and the unscrupulous who consider themselves his enemies that constantly try to hurt him in public, NOT the friends, juniors, seniors, and loved ones who are close to him.

      His history tells that story. And if Rain is anything, it ain’t beleaguered and helpless.

      Stephe ^@@^


  7. I think Rain has enough power to be a partner. He has his own company whatever deal he is being offer I’m sure will be a partnership more than a mere player.. He is to creative to go back now to doing things others peoples way.. I bet it will be on his terms…


  8. I’m excited about Rain’s mentality about going back to the root of his mindset at the beginning of his career. Usually that’s when an artist is the most passionate and the most creative with their work. Usually at the beginning nobody knows an artist so they are free to totally express themselves in their work. I look forward to that from Rain again.

    I too was baffled when reading news articles about Rain announcing he is with Cube. Cube made the announcement…..with Rain’s consent I’m sure…..but still it came from Cube.


  9. very difficult for me to believe rain always wanted independence and with a company that has already done. sign a contract with this company cube. I can not believe I think it’s pure speculation and gossip f***in Korean press and recklessness of that director.


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