[clip] Sangchu talks about Rain and fellow soldiers on OBS Unique Entertainment News.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Lee Sangchul of the duo Mighty Mouth, who took over as Consolatory Train MC last December and was just with Rain in Washington D.C. for the Arirang World Peace Festival, as aired on 5/22/2013. Aw, they showed Shorry getting emotional when Sangchu enlisted. We feel ya, Shorry! (clip courtesy of scorpiolabi1 @YT)

[English translation by 화니]

Q : Who are you serving in the military with?
[Sangchu] : I’m here with sergeant ‘Jung Ji-Hoon’ (Rain), sergeant ‘Kang Chang-Mo’ (KCM), PFC ‘Park Jung-Su’ (Lee Teuk). and private ‘Choi Dong-Wook’ (Seven).

Q : I believe you have an advantage because all of you are working in the same field. Each of you is an entertainer.
[Sangchu]: It was difficult at first, especially because of Rain.
When I was a recruit, Rain’s rigorousness made me too tense, but now he and I are like brothers. Sergeant ‘Jung Ji-Hoon’, I love you.

Q : How are you going to treat your juniors?
[Sangchu]: Please ask Seven just to be sure. I’m not a man who harasses his juniors. I’ll always treat my juniors well.

Q : Who would you want to serve in the military with?
[Sangchu]: Just being with Rain, KCM, etc. is enough to serve in the military. (laughs)


~ by Cloud USA on May 24, 2013.

4 Responses to “[clip] Sangchu talks about Rain and fellow soldiers on OBS Unique Entertainment News.”

  1. I’ve been wondering what he meant by Rain’s rigorousness.


    • Sangchu came into DEMA a year after Rain did, which meant that even though Sangchu is a few years older than him, Rain was senior in rank and took being in charge of the recruits coming in underneath him quite seriously, so that the higher-ups would find no fault with them and decorate them regularly. As we all know, Rain is a leader by example, and so he exercised harder, trained harder, and was very strict on himself in being a role model, which meant that he expected the same of every recruit in his charge. He helped them to do their best, and accepted no less than their best.

      Sangchu saw how intense Mr. Super Soldier Rain was in soldier-mode and it scared the crap out of him at first, what if I don’t measure up and he gets me in his sights and regularly comes down on me…I want to be that good, too, but what if… but then, I believe, he also experienced that Rain was a fair man, and protective when folks put their best foot forward, and in the past six months, their senior/junior relationship has done nothing but flourish like a brotherhood. (Every new recruit goes through that, Rain did too, it’s just got to be so nerve-wracking walking into the unknown like that…)

      When you’re rigorous, you’re extremely thorough, stern, rigid to the point of exhaustion, perfectionist when it comes to a set of rules or a system. Rain was already that before he went in, so can you imagine? 🙂

      And so that’s the long version of what Sangchu meant, IMHO.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Thanks for your explanation Stephe. True Rain expects the best of those who take his lead and he will do more and better than what he asks of them. That man has high standards and I guess Sangchu had a reality check. It seems like Rain gets very close to those who are with him on the regular. When he was doing the radio show he seemed really close to KCM….now it seems to be Sangchu. Just feels that way.


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