From Stephe’s desk: What’s on your fantasy K-Pop CD or playlist?

Amazon and iTunes, I love y'all more than you will ever know. ^@@^

Amazon and iTunes, I love y’all more than you will ever know. ^@@^

Whether you listen to them on your iPod, tablet, phone, or on a CD like I do, we’ve all either burned or uploaded our favorite K-Pop song purchases onto a playlist to take with us whenever we’re out and about. Right?

This is my current playlist No. 1 (24 tunes). It’s had a home in the CD player in my car for over a month now, and will be there until I burn a playlist No. 2. It’s the fantasy CD that I would walk into a store and buy all put together, if only it really existed. Can you just imagine?

So, what do you think of it? And what’s on yours right now? What music have you bought? I’m dying to know. Fess up!

— Stephe ^@@^

IN ORDER, starting with The Total Package, the man who slays me in a way that no one else does or ever will:

1. STAR (별/Byul) feat. Rain ~ How Much I Love You. Incidentally, I featured this song as Blast from the Past #106 back in November of 2011. I just love it. It was STAR who introduced me to actor Rain with the music video for her Full House single, “I Think I”. Big congratulations to STAR on her marriage to singer/actor Haha late last year. (courtesy of 018hy)

2. Rain ~ Because of You. *flatlined* (courtesy of rainthetreasure)

3. Rain feat. Bada (Sea) ~ Just Like You. *flatlined again* (courtesy of oluperigelin2)

4. Rain ~ Slowly. Rain in Japanese. *hooking myself up to permanent defibrillator* (courtesy of grace bi)

5. Rain ~ Touch Ya. A git down song if there ever was one. (courtesy of mar9133)

6. Rain ~ Hip Song. Concerning this clip, I still don’t know how he makes a plain shirt and slacks look like that. (courtesy of UnknownCarrot110)

7. BigBang ~ Monster. OMG, what a song! T.O.P. and Daesung are my biases. (courtesy of cheese0819)

8. BigBang ~ Bad Boy.

9. Hyungdon & DaeJune ~ The Gloomy Song. This thing is just groovy. Even Rain was playing it all over Speeding Instinct when it came out. 🙂 (courtesy of LOEN Entertainment)

10. SHINee ~ The Shinee World. They’re living in SMTown!  Jonghyun and Tae are my biases. And between you, me, and the lamp post, Minho makes Terri say unmentionable things. Don’t tell her I told you. 🙂 (courtesy of Cho HyunRae)

11. SHINee ~ Lucifer.

12. SHINee ~ Sherlock.

13. SHINee ~ Love Like Oxygen.

14. SHINee ~ Replay (Noona’s So Pretty). From then to now, SHINee = Precision. Precise movements. Group perfection. I rest my case.

15. SHINee ~ Ring Ding Dong.

16. Super Junior ~ Mr. Simple. (Credit: SMTown)

17. DBSK ~ Mirotic. The real “under my skin” version is what I’m listening to. But this performance is so off the charts, I had to share it here. The huskiness in Xia Junsu’s voice is like, INCREDIBLE. Rain, Jonghyun, and Minho enjoyed the hell out of it, and they should have. (courtesy of diegoyoshua805)

18. TVXQ ~ Honey Funny Bunny. I’ve been extremely biased towards HoMin (even though, like I mentioned, I love JYJ Xiah’s voice) since witnessing SMTown at Madison Square Garden, but it’s A-okay because Big Daddy Rain knows who I come home to every night. 🙂 (courtesy of M5Rhythm)

19. TVXQ ~ Keep Your Head Down.

20. TVXQ ~ Maximum.

21. TVXQ feat BoA and The TRAX ~ Tri-Angle. (courtesy of SM Entertainment)

22. Park HyoShin ~ Superstar. I closed out my CD with a bang and The Voice Straight From Heaven. Last but certainly not least! Amen! (courtesy of Vi Han)

23. Park HyoShin (with Lee DongGun and Jung JaeIl) ~ Blue Pine. A beautiful tribute to the fallen soldiers of the Cheonan Naval Tragedy of 2010. (courtesy of the ROK Ministry of Defense/ROKMND2020)

24. Park HyoShin feat. Mithra Jin (with Kim JiHoon and Yoo SeungChan) ~ A Great Man. Just. So. Awesome. 🙂 (courtesy of the ROK Ministry of Defense/ROKMND2020)


~ by Cloud USA on May 23, 2013.

4 Responses to “From Stephe’s desk: What’s on your fantasy K-Pop CD or playlist?”

  1. The current iteration of what I call my “KPop Deluxe” Playlist for my car includes: Beautiful – Handsome People; Hip Song – Bi; One – Bi; Black Engine – Jang Geun Suk; Break Down – Kim Hyun Joong; Fallen (acoustic ver.) – Kim Shin Il; I Wish – Kim Shin Il; I’m Coming – Bi; Love Song – Bi; One of a Kind – G. Dragon; Only You – Bi; Ring Ding Dong – SHINee; Sexy Lady – Jang Woo Young; That XX – G. Dragon; Think About’chu – Asoto Union; Uncommitted – Xia; Woowei Woowei – Handsome People; You – Bi; You Look Good – Verbal Jint; You Deserve Better – Verbal Jint; Please – Kim Hyun Joong; Noona You’re So Pretty (Replay) – SHINee; Honesty – SHINee; Hello – SHINee; Stay Cool – Simon D. and Zion T.; Too Distant – Primary and the Messengers; BizzyTigerYoonMirae – MFBTY; Sweet Dream – MFBTY; Never Forget – Browneyed Soul; Fantastic Baby – BigBang; Electric Shock – fx; Lollipop – fx and SHINee; Disturbance – BoA. Bi…what can I say other than in less than 2 months he will be available to provide fresh sounds for my listening pleasure…my ears anxiously await the completion of his military duties; I can’t say enough about the SHINee boys…MinHo is my SHINee bias and Ring Ding Dong is my ringtone; Verbal Jint has such a wonderful old school HipHop flow; Zion T. is one of my recent discoveries and I wish I could get his new album here in the States; Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae…hot couple even hotter beats.


    • Very cool. That’s a great playlist you’ve got, Maliaka.^^ We’ve got three songs the same…

      I’ve really got to get some Xia, Tiger, and Verbal Jint for my next one. Thanks for reminding me!

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. I thought surely the K-Pop listeners would have filled this up by now. I don’t listen to K-Pop as much as everyone else (only Bi really). So, this post is BiAlamode proof.



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