5 Responses to “[fan account] No shirts, eh? Wah… ;)”

  1. Now that’s a story to tell and a sight to see. I truly would have fainted to see Rain playing ball, sweating, looking like candy with all that skin showing. Girl I gotta get a grip. (smile) I saw those eyes for myself and even with clothes on…Oh! LaLa. LOL


  2. Rofl. Poor guy!!!! He has no way to win this one.


  3. What a moment to remember, nice.


  4. Bi’s eyes “met” hers huh?……Kekekekekeke! I don’t blame you “Mr. Boyfriend” let your girl know YOU da man….her “special/secret agent” man not Bi. Ha! gotta love it. *SMILES*………………………….


    • You know what I think? I’m thinking those boyfriends had better let their girls know real quick who’s the boss. That’s what I think. LOL.

      Terri :-}


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