4 Responses to “[fan account] Scorpiola’s detailed account in Washington D.C. for the Arirang World Peace Festival. (5/8)”

  1. I am supper jealous!!!! ;;(


  2. Awesome! You ladies have memories of a life time. Thanks for sharing


  3. Pretty damned awesome, if you ask me. Yes, moments like that are RARE and fleeting to say the least. I mean after all Bi did say “hurry up!” *SMILES*

    Honestly, little moments added to the encounter. Gee’s tattoo is the ultimate conversation piece. The best way to get your favorite idol to take notice (wish I had one……*hubby would “die” though*….SMILES). Then the phone dropping and wallpaper moment….the human moments that happens to all of us even superstars. Those are the things that connect people. The normal stuff. It’s just that you only get a few seconds to share that with your idol fav. You want to say your fav……”see I’m really not a crazy stalker fan, I’m cool people honest.” *SMILES*………………


  4. girl you got some great pictures. I was so afraid to use my camera’s battery that I waited for the right moment to take a picture and I’m glad I did. again it was so great meeting you all had so much fun thanks for the pictures.. thank you for the shout out.


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