5 Responses to “[fan account] Patsiiii: “When he came over to our side, he was so close we could have touched him.” (5/8)”

  1. Glad you got a chance to see RainRain in person


  2. lol in Clouds diffrent videos of RAIN in Washington DC at the Arirang Peace Concert i only can here a lady screaming I WANT YOUR BODY (LOL) who is she she really has guts to scream that


    • LOL! I heard that too. I thought…..”well the Korean war veterans got an earful”…..Ouch!

      Then I decided not to be too persnickety. Who knows what may come out of my mouth if I ever get to meet/see Bi in person. So I can’t be too particular when it comes to Cloud excitement.


  3. I m so sorry we all didn’t get to meet each other
    But so happy that yall got so close to Rain. It was a great experience for all of us.


  4. That’s right Patsiiii…….storm that stage girl! When it comes to seeing Bi in that oh-so-rare moment, you had too. *SMILES*

    I would have “died” if I had to leave before seeing Bi. They always save the best for last do they not? Great fan account! Maybe someday I’ll be in the same room feeling that “Bi” energy too. *SMILES*


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